Top Ten Things I CAN Live Without (+An Awesome Nightstand Makeover)

So last week I went over the top 10 things in life that I cant live without. So that got me thinking about what things in a normal person’s life I could live without. So here it goes:

1.  Coffee … or any form of caffeine for that matter. I have so many friends that can’t even lift an eyelid without at least a swallow of joe, but it just doesn’t do it for me. I have a high sensitivity to caffeine.  If I have half a can of pop, I get all shaky, and I feel that my body needs to be in motion — and God forbid if I had a whole can of coke I would be up all night. A friend of mine drinks at least 4 cups of coffee before noon. You would have to pry me off the ceiling, and I would never be the same after that. My beverage of choice: water. I know, how boring is that?

2.  Fancy cars. Now don’t get me wrong, I want a car that isn’t a junker and isn’t going to break down. Topher and I both have nice vehicles. I just don’t need, or want, a $50,000 car. I will probably never own a brand new vehicle in my lifetime. It’s just not important to me. I would rather invest in our home and its decor, or vacations, or … help our veterinarian send his grandkid through college. My girlfriend has been living in a very small house for years, but she drives around in brand new cars and trades them in constantly. To her, her surroundings don’t matter to her as much as the attention she gets in a sexy car. Maybe since I work from home and am constantly surrounded by that environment that is where I want to focus my attention. All that being said…I can’t imagine not have a SUV, just so I can haul all of my furniture pieces home.

3.  Expensive jewelry. I just wouldn’t wear it. When I worked outside the home, it mattered more to me, but now I just don’t have a need for it. Now, I’m not saying if Topher walked in the door with a set of diamond earrings the size of almonds that I would send him away…

4.  Flowers. At this time in my life, I’m kind of over them. They’re great at first, but the thrill just doesn’t last. I would rather have the $50 to spend on a new mirror or something that will last. Not that I don’t appreciate beautiful flowers I just want other things more. Also when they get sent to the house, I have to make sure that there are no lilies in them. PET TIP:  Lilies can kill your cat if they consume them.

5.  Manicures. Two years ago I would have given my right arm to go out today and get a manicure (ironic isn’t it?). Now that I work on furniture with paint, stain, and sanding, a manicure would be totally lost on me. Pedicures I can still appreciate since paint doesn’t get on my toes (very often), so those I still enjoy. A manicurist would pass out cold if she saw my half sanded-down nails and my 3 layers of chalkpaint stuck to my cuticles.

6.  An immaculate house. Some people absolutely have to have a perfect house at all times. With 3 dogs, a cat and a teenager (usually with a group of friends), that is very unlikely to happen at my house. Right now my dining room is full of furniture pieces for the craft show, there are dog bones laying everywhere to distract them from laying in paint, my kitchen table has rolled book pages and glue gun supplies all over it, and don’t even think of going into my studio. Now if I am having people over, I try to make it look like we aren’t on the show Hoarders, but if you happen to just ring my bell on an average day (please God don’t ever let that happen) it might not be pretty.

7. Alcohol. I think I’m just too old. The price I pay the day after having more than one glass of anything is just not worth it anymore. The college-days hangovers were easily cured with a greasy meal and an aspirin, but they just don’t go away like that now. They last for 2 stinkin’ days. Not that I planned on going out binge drinking or anything on a normal basis, but even two glasses of wine these days is just enough to make me feel crappy the next day.

8. Sleep. I have massive insomnia. I just don’t sleep much at all anymore which really stinks. I really like to sleep. I average maybe 3-4 hours a night, sometimes less. I’ve tried every prescription sleeping pill there is, but they all have the opposite effect on me. When I take them, I don’t sleep AT ALL. If I had more sleep at night would I be a more patient, productive and polite person? Probably so, but you get what you get folks.

9.  Food with bones.  I think I’ve probably ranted before about how I hate having my food look too lifelike.  If I order fish, and it arrives looking like it was plucked out of the water, baked, and served — I’m heading for the exit.  Fried chicken I can tolerate (in fact I love fried chicken), but I have to eat it from my happy place since the thought of me actually ripping apart a bird’s chest cavity is too disturbing.  Topher has to carve the Thanksgiving turkey.  T-Bones get trimmed.  Ribs totally creep me out.

10.  Clothes. This is ironic since I ran a women’s clothing store for years and that’s all I thought about everyday. Almost everyday you will catch me in sweats. I have three difference categories of sweats (don’t judge). The ones I paint in, the ones I wear out in public, and then my nice sweats (like Juicy). Don’t get me wrong, if I’m going to watch the unnamed child cheer, I wear real people clothes (jeans, boots, etc), mainly because she would disown me if I didn’t. I figure if you are home all day and the only place you might pop into is Lowes, Michael’s, or the grocery store, why get dressed up? Too much effort for me. It’s just me and the pups during the day, and they like me just the way I am.

So that’s it guys. Those are the things I can live without. How about you? Is there anything that used to be important to you and now isn’t? Or what never has been important? Please share in the comments down below!

One thing I can’t live without is fantastic, carved, furniture pieces. I got this nightstand at a Goodwill for $10. I cleaned it up, chalkpainted it with DIY aqua paint, distressed it, glazed it, and coated it with clear wax. I distressed it a bit heavier than I usually do but I was really happy with the outcome. It will be coming with me to the craftshow this Saturday!

Photo Jan 23, 2 35 40 PM

Aqua Chalkpainted Nightstand

Aqua Chalkpainted Nightstand

Aqua Chalkpainted Nightstand

























  1. Carmen says

    So Shanna- maybe its time for you to join me and go vegetarian! No bones to contend with in your food. And I agree with you, no fancy car. My hushadn and I share a 14 year old Honda RV!

    • Shanna says

      Carmen, if I liked veggies, even a little bit I so would be a vegetarian with you. Since I don’t I would probably starve to death, so I guess I will continue eating meat, living in denial.

      • Carmen says

        Shanna- I hated most veggies until I was in my 30s. I even used to use that line- about how I would starve to death if I was a vegetarian. Then I slowly learned how to cook them properly and it opened up a whole new world for me. I’ll quit preaching after I say this last thing- I am an animal lover like you- and then I learned about how cows, chickens, pigs and turkeys are treated on factory farms. Nuff said- good luck at the craft show!

  2. says

    I don’t drink coffee because I don’t like hot liquids-if I am thirsty I want to drink, not wait for it to cool down.
    I do get more sleep than you and I never really thought about the bones in food. Other than that–you are singing my song Sista!!!! Love it!

  3. Cash says

    I agree with you on the clothes… When I actually put on jeans my oldest daughter (3 1/2) will say, “where are we going today?” Makes me a little sad considering I am not up to date on style like I use to be, but hey! My kids are always dressed cute! :)

  4. Wendy says

    Wow…we must have been twin sisters in another life…EXCEPT for #1. Got to have my caffeine”. Other than that, I could have written this list!

  5. says

    Beautiful nightstand makeover! What a great find! I’m with you on several of these, and would fully agree that water is my beverage of choice.

  6. says

    I enjoyed reading your list of things you can live without. I join you on a few, 1 clear through 7. I NEED my sleep and I enjoy coffee, but I don’t have to have it. I do enjoy nice clothes, though.
    Your night stand is gorgeous, I love the colour you used on it.
    Hugs, cindy

  7. says

    Love the nightstand makeover! And I am with you on almost all of your 10 things you can live without. Found you through My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia. Thanks for sharing!

  8. says

    Your list is my list. So funny that you dress in real people clothes – jeans! My paint clothes now outnumber my real clothes. I hate going somewhere early with a coffee drinker because of the wait. My morning drink is ice water. Love the transformed Goodwill orphan.

    • Shanna says

      Donna- I bet people would be so impressed if they saw what we wear on a daily basis. With my painting clothes, no makeup and my hair in a bun I am quite the looker. When my dogs see me putting on jeans or any shoes other than tennis shoes they get all panicky because they know I’m going out!

        • Shanna says

          Lol! You sound just like me. You don’t know how many clothes including pj’s have paint on them from me having to just do a little touch up and then of course I spill or I brush up against the paint. I have got to quit having confidence in myself when it comes not dripping paint!

  9. Sarah @ Alderberry Hill says

    Thanks so much for linking to Make the Scene Monday @ Alderberry Hill. You are being featured tomorrow morning!
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and join me tomorrow night for Make the Scene Monday #60!

  10. says

    Love your post! I’m with you on a lot of the things I could do without, but like you said things change as life changes. I used to not care about nails, then for awhile I’d want them then I don’t, then I do…lol or maybe I’m just manic! I love your nightstand. Thanks so much for sharing at Transformed Tuesday. Hugs, Peggy

  11. courtney says

    I love this post! I find myself coming to your blog often since I have seen a lot of your pieces featured everywhere! I cant get enough! very creative and inspirational. I love what you did with this piece! great job and I love the color.

  12. Malena says

    Love the night stand! Can you please share the paint recipe including color? It’s just want I’d love to do w/a piece that I have. Thanks!


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