Q and A Day!!!

Hello Everyone! Such a beautiful day here in Wichita! Doesn’t seem like December at all.

For the last several months, since I started my blog, I have received lots of questions. So I thought since I don’t have any project pics for you today (since I’m working on several big ones), that I could answer some of your questions.

It can be anything from your project questions, what my favorite movie is, to what color my bedroom is (it’s tan by the way, but decorated in an ice blue color).

Anything goes, well almost anything. Just throw your question down in the comment section at the bottom, and I will answer it to the best of my ability (unless it’s about my age and I will lie).

Oh and just for my own entertainment I’m going to throw in a couple pics of my rugrats. See you tomorrow!

Charlie and his favorite toy (he fell asleep playing with it).


Lulu’s Halloween costume


Gracie as a pup

Out for a ride with the fur babies.

You haven’t met these last two yet (my mom’s shelter dogs), but this is Bob.

 And Bob’s sister Sweetie.


  1. Deby Morton says

    Question— how do I paint the hardware for a dresser with chalk paint and make it stay on?
    Also I painted my bathroom counter (it was 40 years old!) with ascp and waxed it three times. Is there anything else I need to do to it? Btw it looks Great!

    • Shanna says

      Hi Deby! As far as your bathroom counter goes you did exactly what I would have done. Three coats of wax should do it. If it’s a heavy use area, you might have to redo it in a few years but it should last you for quite awhile. I never really chalk paint my hardware. I usually just stick with spray paint or I use rub n buff which you can get at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I have a few times taken chalk paint and diluted it, coated the hardware to give it a slight milky glaze and then I use a spray clear coat over that. Hardware is sometimes tricky. Hope this helps!

  2. Joy says

    Sad do you have any tips on me taking my linoleum floor. There are 2 seams that have produced tears. We got a floor man to give us an estimate and it was going to be costly to put down new subfloor and re-do it. I just keep thinking I could sponge page its some way
    And then put the sealer over it. But then I have thought about painting my carpet by sponge painting it or doi a swirl pattern of some kind because the carpeting is stained. I don’t know much about the new paint techniques for anything. Hi I was just thinking about that carpet idea before I rip it up and saw what kind of hardwood floors were underneath it.

  3. AUbree says

    How do I make chalk paint at home?

    And an unrelated question… We have wood floors under our nasty carpet. We’re going to pull the carpet up and see what we have to work with. Do you know what do do with the wood floor? Sand? Stain? Help. I’m the handy one believe it or not.

  4. Kerry says

    Love your rugrats. Was so much fun to find you. I enjoy your stories and projects. Are you an eastsider or a westsider?

  5. Nicole says

    What was your best furniture find? Do you have a before and after pic? If you’re like me, when I first started out, I was horrible at taking the before pictures (ie. my daughters dresser).

  6. Ivy says

    Do you have an ideas for a cracked patio? My cement is cracked in several places and I just don’t have the time/money to replace the entire patio. Have you ever painted cement? I am willing to work with the cracks and not against them. :) Thanks Shanna!

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