Aqua Painted Puppies

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We spent ours painting my unnamed daughter’s bedroom. Before it was jaguar themed, since that’s her high school’s mascot. She wanted a jade green color on three walls and the remaining wall painted in chalkboard paint. We got the three green walls finished but the chalkboard wall will have to wait until next weekend. Here is the before:

and here is what we have finished so far.  I will keep you updated once we get it decorated.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, besides our trio of dogs, we dog sat for our neighbors. They might never ask us again. While painting, their pup Shelby slipped into the room and rubbed up against one of the walls.

Ooooops! Not good.

Gracie, our pup, slid along a wall as well — now their groomer is used to me bringing in my pups with a splash of color from whatever piece I’ve been focused on, but it’s really not good to have a green dog when she isn’t even yours.


  1. Julie says

    Love the aqua color. Do you have the paint name? I am painting my daughters room aqua and purple. I am having a hard time pick the right shades. Love your projects!

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