Easter Egg Trees

Do you remember on Friday, when I told you how excited I was that we were going to have our first Spring Break here in a million years with beautiful weather? Well, apparently Mr Weatherman is a big fat liar:  Friday was nice out, and the first half of Saturday … then it got cold and started pouring rain (which then turned into hail for a good portion of the day). Then Sunday, it was freezing — as in Shanna-could-not-use-her-paint-sprayer-like-she-planned-to freezing.  Yesterday, it was in the 50’s and not terrible. And have I mentioned the wind … For people like me that do a lot of our projects outdoors, Kansas is just not the right place to live.  There’s not a lot of spray paint that finds its target in 50mph wind gusts. With the kiddo off school, we decided to start watching a new series: Hart of Dixie is our new obsession. We have been watching 4-5 episodes a night, which has had us staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning. I can’t recommend this show enough! I have been painting like crazy (indoors), and last weekend I started moving my pieces into the new storefront where I’ll have a space. I will give you all of the details when it gets a little closer to the April 1st grand opening! Getting ready for this new venture has had me running a bit behind with my Easter decor. With the unnamed child home, I set her to work for me making my Easter Egg Trees. Here is what you will need:

  • 2 terra cotta pots
  • 2 styrofoam trees
  • A sheet of moss
  • A roll of ribbon
  • A can of spray paint, and
  • Some plastic easter eggs


I got all of my supplies at Michaels, and I used their 40% off coupons I found online. First spray paint your pots, I used three coats. Next hot glue your moss onto your styrofoam trees.


Then glue your trees into your pots so they’re steady. Next glue your eggs all over your tree. Once your tree is completely covered, glue on your ribbon and make a bow. Super easy!

Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree

Now my mantel isn’t looking so naked, and I’m feeling a bit more prepared for Easter. Make sure you come back tomorrow to see my new dresser makeover!!!



  1. Crystal says

    My daughter and I LOVE Hart of Dixie!!!! It’s so good. We are waiting for it to start back up next week. Who do you want to see Zoe with: Joel, Wade or George?? I’ve been on team Wade since the beginning, but my daughter has been on team George. Love the Egg tree!! Pinned it :)

    • says

      We are two episodes away from the end of season 2 right now so I don’t even know who Joel is lol! I am totally team Wade even though he just cheated on her and broke her heart. He just doesn’t believe he deserves her and sabotages himself. I’m not sure if she can forgive him though. I just wish he would tell her he loves her because you can tell he totally does! My daughter is team George though. This is becoming an addiction. I am going to be so sad when we get to the end of season three and have to wait a week between episodes!

  2. says

    This turned out so pretty, Shanna. It looks rockin’ against the pink Easter sign on your mantel. Our weather may be stubborn and dreary but you really have brightened up your indoors. I haven’t heard of Heart of Dixie, but what channel is it on? I’ll have to check it out.

    • says

      Thanks Amy! It’s on the CW. If you have Netflix or Hulu plus than it is totally worth starting at the beginning of the series! My daughter and I are hooked!

  3. says

    I just love your trees and the pearly eggs! When I was out of town, I found some plastic eggs that look like decorated chocolate eggs, and now I wish I’d bought enough to make these trees! Pinned and I’ll share a link on FB, too. Sharon

  4. says

    Love this! The mantel looks great!

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  5. says

    Shanna, I have not even begun to think about Easter! When I saw your Egg Tree, I knew it had to be at the top of my list for decor on the table! Love,love it!

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  6. says

    That is such a sweet idea. The trees look so pretty and perfect for Easter.

    My weekly Say G’day link up is happening right now and this post would be such a wonderful addition. Please stop by and say g’day if you have a moment to spare!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  7. says

    I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to make an egg tree this year….but’s it’s pinned for next year for sure!

    In fact, I love it so much I included it in my spring/Easter roundup tonight at Project Inspire{d}!

    Thanks for sharing with us there!

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