A Break Up Letter (and a vintage secretary makeover)

Dear cold weather-

I am sorry to say … I am ready to break up with you.  I can not deal with your wicked ways any longer.

I am a summer girl. Shorts. Yard sales. Being able to walk the pups. No school. And the shaved ice place up the street. That’s the type of weather I’m looking for.  No.  That’s the type of weather I need.

I do not like having to wear a coat just to go to the mailbox, or having to listen to the unnamed child gripe about having to scrape the frost from her windows in the morning (since my hoard of furniture is in the third car bay).

I do not want to have to make soup for dinner, just to warm us up; nor do I like the fact that it takes my joints an extra hour to loosen up because it’s frigid in the house in the morning.

I am ready for the Drive-In Theater to open up, and to have teenage girls giggling in my house as they take their depressingly toned, bikini clad bodies out to the neighborhood pool behind our house.

Warm weather means I am much more motivated to go to the gym, since it isn’t freezing outside, and I can hear neighborhood kids playing in our yards with the extra hours of daylight.

You, Mister, have kept us held hostage in our homes long enough, and I for one am done with you.


A Summer Kind Of Girl

Speaking of summer I found this vintage secretary at a yard sale last summer. You can’t really see it in the pictures, but it was really scratched up … but it did have good bones.

 Photo Feb 06, 7 59 36 PM

I knew a coat of paint would breath new life into it.

I painted the outer shell with two coats of Annie Sloan’s Provence, and the inner portion with Scandinavian Pink.

After the paint was dry, I distressed the whole piece and then coated it in Annie Sloan’s Clear and Dark Wax to give it an aged look.

I didn’t love the handles that came on the piece, so I replaced them with two knobs from Hobby Lobby.

Chalkpainted Vintage Secretary

Chalkpainted Vintage Secretary

Chalkpainted Vintage Secretary

Chalkpainted Vintage Secretary

Chalkpainted Vintage Secretary

Chalkpainted Vintage Secretary

Chalkpainted Vintage Secretary

Chalkpainted Vintage Secretary



  1. says

    Well written break-up letter and I share your sentiments 100%. It’s -8C (17.6F) here and we still have loads of snow on the ground and I’m ready to scream! Love the colors you choose for your secretary – very pretty makeover and well staged I might add.

  2. Crystal says

    Love your break-up letter which I totally agree with. Fortunately for me, Texas has warmed up quite nicely and spring is in the air. I hope you get spring weather soon!

  3. says

    Love this piece! Your breakup letter was too funny too! I can’t believe you have a drive in movie theater! It’s a shame they are all going away.. Great post & hope spring reaches you soon..

  4. Judy Parkey says

    Love, Love, Love the piece. In fact, I have a child size secretary spotted and may have to run out and buy it! The “Scandinavian Pink”…is that “straight” SP or has it been mixed with pure white? Mine doesn’t seem to be that bright. Or, is it just the lighting in the photography?

  5. says

    LOL I can’t complain about our Winter, it wasn’t really that bad, although I am done with the cold wind, but usually we have lots of snow, we are in the Sierra Mountains. I am sorry your winter is dragging, but it looks like it hasn’t stopped your creativity. This is a beautiful piece.

  6. says

    Not sure your colors work for my decor but your idea is divine. I love the surprise of opening the secretary to a totally different color. New visitor from the Thursday hop!

  7. says

    Wow!! What an amazing difference. I love the colors! I also love Annie Sloan paint. Isn’t it amazing what a coat of dark wax will do. Thank you for sharing!

  8. says

    Adorable letter! Love the choice in paint color – it looks fantastic! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

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