Crepe Paper Easter Basket

Today is a good day my friends!

Spring has finally sprung here in Kansas, and I get a much needed haircut. I feel like going for a big change, but I have two trips coming up in the next couple of months, and I’m not sure if I want to take the risk. The last time I did a major change to my hair (I really chopped it short), I hated it.

You would think having long hair would be a lot more work than short hair, but that is NOT the case! When it’s long, I can just throw it up in a bun or a ponytail, but when it’s short, I have no choice but to fix it. Plus when you have naturally curly hair, you need the weight of long hair– when it’s short, it is just one big frizz ball.

So maybe after my last trip in July I will go for something different. Maybe a different color? Can you see me as a red head?

Another thing that I am loving right now is getting ready for Easter. I was watching my friend’s little girl the other day, and since the unnamed child has long gotten rid of any of her toys, I was finding it difficult to entertain her. So we decided to make some little Easter baskets.

Since I wasn’t prepared for crafting, I had to make do with supplies I had on hand. I found some poster board and crepe paper and knew that would work.

First I cut out a 12 inch by three inch piece of poster board.


I then glued the two ends together.

Next I traced a circle, using the bottom of a cup, onto the poster board and cut it out.


I then hot glued it onto the bottom of my poster board ring.

Next, I took my crepe paper and started gluing it onto my ring, pleating it as I went.


After the first layer was completed, I moved up an inch and started my second row, and up an inch again with my third.


I then cut an 1 inch by 12 inch strip of poster board.


I then took some pink ribbon that I had and glued some to the top of the handle.


Next I glued on the handle to the basket base.

Last, I inserted some pink easter grass and two little fuzzy Peeps that I didn’t use on my Easter Peeps Wreath.

I thought it was the perfect easter project for my little friend to make!

Crepe Paper Easter  Basket

Crepe Paper Easter  Basket

Crepe Paper Easter  Basket


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