Pink Striped Antique Dresser (and how I might die)

Yesterday I told you about  dragging-out my totally 90’s workout videos and how they were so much harder than I remembered.  Granted, I was 18 the last time I did them — but still.

Thanks to all of you who have emailed me today checking to make sure I was still alive after yesterday’s workout.

Just so you know, my fingers are about the only part of my body that doesn’t hurt.

I rolled over in bed this morning, and blasts of white hot pain shot through my abs, butt, and shoulders.  Holy cow that hurt!  So I just laid there for a long time, wondering what the total damage on the ol’ bod was going to be once I stood up.

Let me tell you … it was not pretty my friends.  I literally yelped as I went from a seated to standing position.  I swear I hurt in places I have never hurt before.

Why on earth do my armpits hurt?   The last time I felt pain like this was after I attended my first and only kickboxing class.  How was I going to be able to get through the day like this?

Once out of bed, the pups needed to go out. Which meant I would have to descend eight steps to the back door. Eight. Steps. With each step, a small shriek escaped from my mouth … which woke the unnamed child.

“What’s wrong with the dog? Why is she making that screaming noise?” she asked.

I grounded her.

Then I stood there a long time before approaching this diabolical invention called stairs. I asked if the child could bring me a towel that I could lay on so she could drag me up. She declined.

After climbing my Everest, I hobbled over to the couch, determined not to move for the remainder of the day — I seriously considered calling Topher and having him bring home doggie diapers just so I wouldn’t have to conquer the stairs again (he had meetings or I swear I would have).

Unbelievable, but the pain intensified throughout the day. I literally drank as little fluid as possible just so I wouldn’t have to squat down to go to the bathroom (TMI … I know, but we’re all friends here).

Unfortunately, I forgot we had no groceries in the house, and the child that wishes to remain anonymous said it was child abuse making her starve to death, so I was forced to get dressed and go to the store.

Raising my arms over my head to get my shirt on simply made me want to die (just so you know, I am sleeping in this shirt).

Once we got to Target my lovely teenager appallingly turned to me and said, “People are staring at you!”  I asked why. She said “You’re Frankensteining around the store.  You look like Sloth off of the Goonies!”.

Wow, just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse I am being compared to a one of the most terrifyingly lovable characters from my past.  And I have to admit, I took a little pride in the fact that my teen can recite the characters from that movie — and I was a little tempted to start yelling “Baby Ruth” across the store — but that circles back to that unfit parenting accusation she already threw my direction…

The topper of the day came when I felt a sneeze coming on. Oh no! This could kill me! I tried to make it go away, but alas I couldn’t.  I tried to think back to directions I received after giving birth on how to protect my tummy muscles during recovery, but as I scrambled for a pillow to hold to my stomach, the sneeze struck, and I swear I lost consciousness  for a few seconds.

As I’ve mentioned previously, my brother and sister-in-law are having their first baby in a month (a niece, I’m so excited!).

They brought over an antique dresser to redo for them that had apparently survived at least one well-loved life.


Dresser Before Pic

Their nursery is grey with pink and white bedding and decor (I will try to get some pics for you), so I painted this dresser with white paint.  I had to use some primer and quite a few coats of paint since there was some pink marker on the top that kept bleeding through.

Once the entire piece was dry, Topher taped-off the stripes down the front using Frog Tape. I then painted on the pink stripes (there were are few spots where it bled under, and I had to correct it).

After it was all dry I distressed the edges of the entire piece and lightly sanded down the front to give it a more aged look.  I coated it in several coats of AS clear wax.

I was super happy with the way it turned out. I think this is one of my favorite pieces so far. They intend to lay a changing pad over the top and use it for Baby B’s changing table.


 Pink Striped Antique Dresser

Pink and White Striped Dresser

Pink and White Striped Antique Dresser

Antique Pink and white striped Dresser

Pink and white Striped Antique Dresser

Pink and White Striped Antique Dresser

White and Pink Striped Dresser



  1. says

    so cute! i did a few striped pieces a few years ago and haven’t done any since…. i need to do it again. love these sweet candy pink stripes!

  2. Andrea says

    We can’t thank you enough for doing this for us!!! It’s so beautiful. Her room shall forever be pink. 😉

  3. says

    I loved – and still love – Jane Fonda. Nobody can take those VHSes away from me!

    Also, I love that your daughter made a Goonies reference. She’s A+ in my books.

    The dresser is gorgeous, Shanna. I adore it! You did such a beautiful job.

  4. says

    The dresser turned out sooo pretty, Shanna. So sorry about the exercise-induced agony, but it did make a funny story. Hope you feel better soon. Oh, and just wait until you get my age and those days come with no exercise whatsoever. :)

  5. says

    I don’t remember any painful sneezes, but I’ve had my fair share of post-work-out-pain hiccup attacks. Definitely. the. worst. The dresser is fabulous, by the way! Thanks for linking up to Give Me the Goods!

    Rachel @ Maison de Pax

  6. says

    I’m laughing out loud at your description of the ” morning after ” lol
    But that’s one gorgeous makeover – really beautiful – they must be thrilled with it!!!!!!!
    Now go do 50 sit ups LMHO

  7. says

    Very cute! Love the pink stripes. The new paint job shows off the dresser’s lovely legs. I am visiting from Kammy’s Korner link party.

  8. says

    I’ve been here before through Pinterest! I love this blog. Love the pink stripes!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing with us today at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. –

  9. says

    I love love the redoux (visiting from that link up) – But I love more your commentary. I did not know that armpits could hurt!!!! But I actually laughed over your misery. I went scootering with my two boys – 2.5 hours and the last half an hour I was literally verbalising the pain I was in everytime my leg had to push again!!!

  10. says

    The stripes are so fabulous. The piece looks amazing. This is such a wonderful and inspiring post. I would love it if you would share this post at our WIW linky party. Hope you can join us today!


  11. says

    Lucky baby girl to have such an adorable piece of furniture in her nursery! Great job. I am pinning this darling dresser from the Pinterest Blitz party at Debbie and Ann’s.

  12. says

    This is how I see it…while it may be abuse to not feed your unnamed child, it is also abuse to not help a needy parent up a mountain while they are struggling. We have rights and you should demand yours be met! Alas, my children (who are now grown) will NOT be receiving a link to this post because they will then call each other and reminisce about “the day that mom rolled down the giant hill and didn’t succumb to instant death.” True. I completely and utterly feel your anguish.

    Now on to the dresser. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tranformation and I think you should be richly rewarded for doing such beautiful work. :)

  13. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    Oh my goodness, that is one really cute dresser! … And I loved your story of post-workout pain! I’ve been there too and it’s not pretty!

  14. says

    So cute! Love the stripes and the color. So fun to have a new baby coming to your family. Your exercise story gave me a good laugh. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. Patricia Ann says

    Loved this post… to keep stripes from bleeding, you would put on tape, then paint the edges with white so if it bled, it would be white, then paint the pink stripes… would love a tutorial on the lampshade and would love to make some of those cute pink trees!

  16. Amy Hunt says

    You did this for your family? Not only are you creative and entertaining you have a heart too! You’re just the complete package. What a wonderful site I have found. That came out gorgeous. Never will my children have to change my grandchildren (when they come, hopefully not to soon) on the same cheap, piece together products that they were. Ideas are appearing..keeping them coming please!

  17. Shelly says

    Hello, can you tell me where you got your drawer pulls from? I am going to restore my desk and those pulls are a lot more period appropriate than the ones it has now– right out of the 70s!


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