Tube TV Turned Dog House

Can you believe it’s the middle of July already?  This summer is already flying by!

I’m loving that the unnamed child is home during the days and can be my slave cheap labor.   Although, I don’t think she is nearly as excited about this arrangement as I am…

Summer also means yard sales galore!

While out saling the other day, I came across one of those retro TVs. You know, the ones that weigh about 200 lbs.

There was one for sale for a whopping $3.

Retro TV Before

The person running the sale saw me looking at it and told me I could just have it if I would haul it away. Of course I can never turn away anything for free.

So off I drove with the back half of my SUV dragging about a foot lower than the front.

Now I had big plans for this guy, but I can assure you Topher wasn’t seeing it. All he saw was this albatross taking up room in his precious garage. I knew I needed to get to work on this ASAP so I wouldn’t have to hear any more nagging.

First came the gutting process. I left this part up to my beloved and his trusty drill/screwdriver. I had heard horror stories about removing the old tubes because of stored electrical current. While googling how to do this Topher came across a whole site that sounded like How To Zap My A**. It’s a whole site dedicated to people that had gotten their behinds zapped across a room while dismantling or trying to repair these tube tv’s.

By the grace of God, all of his appendages stayed intact during this process.

I kept poking my head out in the garage every couple of minutes just to make sure he wasn’t lying on the ground twitching.

Once the guts were yanked out, I started cleaning off all of the filth.

I removed the handles and started painting this beast with the first of two coats (plus a few touch ups) of Plaster Paint in Ivory Lace. I used Plaster Paint because it is non-toxic, and in case a pup decided to chew on his bed, I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t cause any health problems.

I then gave it a light sanding with my 3M sanding block and coated it in a clear wax.

Topher cut out a board for the back, and I painted it the same white. I then layered on three strips of chevron Frog Tape and painted over the whole board with a hot pink spray paint. I then removed the tape which allowed the white to show through.

I used the same hot pink to paint the handles.

I used some scrap material I had to make the curtains and the green inserts.

I also picked-up a soft dog pillow and laid it inside.


My little Charlie is thinking that this makes a pretty good little house for him, and he doesn’t even mind the flowers.



  1. Lisa S. says

    I love what you did with this eyesore of an old console TV. My mom still has ours which she gutted in the late 70s early 80s and we kept our board games in it. I would love to grab it and use it for my three little guys. You are so imaginative with your projects. I have voted for you and wouldn’t want you to clean. I would just love to hang out and pick your brain. Or better yet, go saling with you!

    • says

      Thank you so much Lisa! You should definitely grab your moms! Thanks so much for the vote! We would have so much fun going to yard sales together!

  2. Erin Kaven says

    As soon as I saw it I was smitten. Since you put up the curtain in strikes me it would be an adorable puppet theater for a child also.

  3. says

    WOW! This is so awesome! I love your color choices and you’d never know it was a re purposed piece. I love the detail of the dog portraits too! Beautiful work.

  4. Emily Marie says

    How do you know plaster paint is non toxic? Do you know anything about the VOC content? I am going to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to use a paint that is non toxic and VOC free and want to know if you know any information on that topic. Thanks so much.


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