I DO NOT Have a Problem! (Well, How Do You Define Problem?)


Have you heard it said before that someone has an "addictive personality" -- such as smoking, gambling, etc., where their personality or physical make-up, makes them more easily predisposed to fall prey to an addiction? Well, my friends, I am one of those people. I have admitted to you in the past about my fondness for addiction to Pinterest. Sadly, that is not my only vice. I also seem to be drawn, like a moth to a flame, to anything glitzy or sparkly -- which leads us to what Topher … [Read more...]

I’m In The BLOGLIGHT!!!!!


Welcome to Restoration Redoux! If you're a regular, than you might be asking what exactly is this The Bloglight? Hometalk is an amazing online community of bloggers and nonbloggers talking about home improvement, DIY, and everything in between. At Hometalk you can share DIY projects, comment on posts, and follow people. I'm a Hometalk junkie. I have posted 41 projects in the 3 months since I discovered the site! There are people of all levels, posting projects and asking questions. Every week … [Read more...]

Money Talks


Yesterday, the unnamed child and I were watching a TV show about uber rich teens and the life they live. The child commented that she would love to be crazy rich. I asked her why, and she said that it would make her life so much better. I explained that people that have crazy money have just as many problems as people without money, sometimes even more. So we both wrote out a list of what money could buy and what it couldn't. Here is my list of what it could: … [Read more...]

Ruffled Lamp Shade Tutorial


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I got a lot of work finished on my projects, and to prove it, I once again have sanded off all the skin on my thumb and I have a huge burn blister on my left pointer finger from the glue gun. What can I say? I live a life of danger. The child that wishes to remain anonymous and I spent a big chunk of the weekend on today's project. Remember this great old lamp I got at Goodwill awhile back?  It was great except it was filthy and … [Read more...]

Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

Yellow Table

Happy Monday everyone!  I'm wishing all of you who are snowed in warm thoughts today! Well, my weekend was not as productive as I had hoped. I had a nasty virus and was having fun with a high fever, chills and massive achiness. Am I the only one who has crazy weird dreams when they are running a high fever? Just wondering. I am feeling somewhat more human today. I managed enough energy to buy a great antique dresser yesterday that I am super excited about. It needs quite a bit of work, but … [Read more...]

Roll With It

Wallpaper Lamp

While at a yard sale last summer, I came across something unusual. I found a heavy, dense cylinder with a raised pattern consisting of strange, symmetrical shapes and nubbins all over it. It had holes on each end and someone had attached a lamp base to the bottom. Definitely something unique. Intrigued, I asked the owner if she could tell me anything about these one-of-a-kind, heinous-yet-filled-with-potential  lamps. … [Read more...]

Restoration Redoux’s Top Ten Projects of the Year!!!!!

www.restorationredoux.com - White Dresser

Since we are about to start off a new year, I thought I would reflect on this year's favorite posts. When I first started reading other DIY blogs, I have to admit I was a bit intimidated. Every project they did looked so perfect. When there was a tutorial, a lot of them used terms or techniques I wasn't familiar with, and so I would never try them. I was searching for a blog that brought it down to a beginner's level. I wanted one that would say "Hey, I'm no expert, but this is what did or … [Read more...]

Feeling Blue (My Turquoise Chandelier )


Remember the turquoise chandelier redo that I did a few weeks ago? It sat around here for weeks and my hubby kept asking when I was going to list it for sale. I just couldn't decide what I wanted for it and I really just didn't want to let it go. So I didn't. It is now hanging in my kitchen! It was horrible for poor Topher to get that heavy thing up the ladder and hang it that high, but he was a trooper and did a great job. I love it. For everyone who has asked I the color I used … [Read more...]

My Junk Hunk


Some people just come into this world being accident prone. No matter how careful they are they just can't help injuring themselves. Well my husband is one of those people. If there is a glass of water to be knocked over he's the one to do it. If there are stairs to fall down, he's your man. If there is a manhole without it's cover, down he goes (I swear that really happened!). There was one day when we stopped at 7-11 to get something. My daughter and I waited in the car while my husband … [Read more...]