Laundry Room Makeover

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Do you have a room in your house that is a complete disaster? One where you make sure the door is closed anytime you have company so they aren't appalled by the way you live? Well, I actually have two of those rooms, but I decided to conquer my laundry room first. Let me prepare you my friends. We have lived in our home for 9 years, and we have not done one thing to this room in that time, except for add a bunch of hoard to it. I have no idea how things like dog clothes, purses, hair … [Read more...]

How to Stain Your Deck the Easy Way (and a HomeRight Giveaway)

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We have lived in our house for over 9 years. Since we bought new, we're approaching that time where things around the home start showing some age. The carpet starts looking ratty, the outside of the house needs a fresh coat, you have nicks on your walls, and appliances start going downhill. For the last year, we knew we needed to stain our deck, but we kept putting it off since it's not the most fun thing in the world to do, and it is totally time consuming. We were feeling like we were … [Read more...]

My Animal Plate Wall


I'm so excited to tell you about my animal plate wall! But first, remember a few weeks ago I told you about how well I was doing with my New Years resolution? My resolution to get healthy, by eating better and working out? I had been doing really well, and I was so proud of myself...until last week. I had been starting to tone up, drop a few pounds, and had been facing one of my biggest challenges which is eating anything green. Last week however, my insomnia was at an all time high (or is it … [Read more...]

It’s The Little Things


Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope you had a great weekend! I cleaned (ugh), got some painting done, worked on two fun projects, a cool new project and one intended for today. Small problem ... it didn't work out.  At all. I was trying to glue two substances together, and no matter how hard I tried they repelled each other. Epic fail my friends. So I will not be showing that today, but I do have some fun new little goodies that I have been meaning to show you. Do you remember the blue … [Read more...]

Sprucing up the kitchen


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!  I spent the weekend picking up some great old doors, painting, celebrating my dad's birthday, and spending some snuggle time with my new niece. I did finish a fun new upgrade to the kitchen, though.  Since moving into my house 8 years ago, one of the rooms we haven't done any updates to is the kitchen.  Usually, kitchen updates mean big money -- that is why I still  have all of the original white appliances that came with the house.  … [Read more...]

Photo Gallery Reveal


What is it that gets you crazy motivated to do some last minute decor improvements? Company coming over, right?  I just finished my How To Host A Baby Shower series, and with a houseful of people coming over, it sent me into warp speed on cleaning and finishing projects I never seemed to have time to finish. A while back I showed you my wall decor on changing a vintage mirror into a frame. It was a little lonely there on that big old wall, and I knew I wanted a photo gallery to incorporate … [Read more...]

I DO NOT Have a Problem! (Well, How Do You Define Problem?)


Have you heard it said before that someone has an "addictive personality" -- such as smoking, gambling, etc., where their personality or physical make-up, makes them more easily predisposed to fall prey to an addiction? Well, my friends, I am one of those people. I have admitted to you in the past about my fondness for addiction to Pinterest. Sadly, that is not my only vice. I also seem to be drawn, like a moth to a flame, to anything glitzy or sparkly -- which leads us to what Topher … [Read more...]

To Paint or Not to Paint?


Today I received my delivery from Urban Outfitters: my new curtain to go by the front door. Now that it has arrived, I am stumped on what to do with the front door -- it just looks so plain. Do I leave it white or do I paint it? If I do paint it, what color do I use? I think if I paint it aqua, it will be too much blue. The big rug nearby has a hint of burnt orange in it, but I think that would look weird in the middle of all of the blue. … [Read more...]

Something Old, Something New


I hope you all had a good weekend! I spent the majority of mine painting ... surprise, surprise. Two of the pieces I have been working on have required eight million coats of paint for some reason, but they are both almost finished thank goodness! I also did some major cleaning around the house. The thing about having people pick up furniture pieces at your home, is that is forces you to keep a tidy house. Or at least clean the rooms the person can see from the front door. That was the … [Read more...]

Epic Fail


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend!  We actually had unseasonably warm weather here yesterday. The good news from this weekend:  Topher painted my dining room for me (part of my Valentine's Day gift)! The bad news is the color was awful wah wah waaaaaa. I wanted the room an aqua color. I picked out what I thought was the perfect shade. The first coat looked promising but after the second coat dried the room took on a neon psychedelic aqua appearance. So insanely bright that … [Read more...]