Red Plaster Painted Vintage Dresser Makeover


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good 4th! Ours was very low key. We finished our work around the house early, then we worked out, grilled out, and then hung out with the neighbors while watching the fireworks. We have some new neighbors down the street who bought a ton of huge fireworks, so we just sat back and enjoyed. Sunday was hot as the blazes of Hell, so I stayed inside and finished up the project down below. My parents found today's piece at an estate sale at 75% off on the … [Read more...]

Blue Milkpainted Antique Dresser


Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend! Us ... not so much. Nothing bad happened, per se, but we just did a ton of work. We hauled tons of stuff to my new storage unit, cleaned all of the windows in the whole house, finished up reorganizing my studio, got everything pulled out of my office / craft room, got it cleaned up, finished some new bookshelves, and got everything put back and looking fancy. Somewhere in between all that, we went out to dinner for our anniversary. By the … [Read more...]

Plaster Painted Vintage Dresser Makeover

Retro Two Toned Dresser

I noticed the other day that I shared one of my furniture pieces as a contributor at another site in October, but because of the craziness in my life, I never shared it with my readers.  You see, Fall is a bit of a whirlwind around here as I start decorating for Halloween, flow into Thanksgiving, and settle into Christmas (with get-togethers, parties, and functions peppered all throughout). Toward the end of the summer, I came across a giant beast of a brown dresser at a yard sale for next to … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday #4


Welcome to my new Throwback Thursday series, where we blast to the past and check out some of my favorite projects.  Since I have so many new readers, I know a lot of you haven't seen some of these pieces, so now we can all get caught up. It's also pretty interesting (and sometimes entertaining) to go back in time and see what me and my family had going on in our lives. When this dresser first was posted  it was two years ago, the unnamed child was 15, and at times we would butt heads. It … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday Edition #2 (and the Green Chalkpainted Dresser)

Chalkpainted-Green-Antique- Dresser

Welcome to the second edition of Throwback Thursday! I am traveling back through time and featuring some of my favorite projects from the past. It is fun to see how my painting techniques have changed, how my photography has improved (thank goodness!), and what was happening in my family's lives at the time. If you read my earlier post about my first dog Gracie, you know that I am absolutely in love with my pup. She is such an amazing dog. The only problem we had was separation anxiety (on … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday #1 (Retro Ivory Dresser)


I'm starting a little something new here on Thursdays. In this past year I have been very blessed with such a large number of new readers. Many of my beginning projects have never been seen by most of my new followers, and I thought it would be fun to go back and check some of them out. Now bare with me, my photography skills weren't up to par on some of these, but some of them are my favorite projects and it's kind of fun to see what was happening in my family's life at the time. I bought … [Read more...]

Decoupaged Vintage Child’s Dresser


    Today is Thursday, and where I live that means today is garage sale day. Yes, garage sales are also on Friday and Saturday, but the majority of the sales start on Thursday. That means I wrote this post last night, and as you are reading this, I am probably out making the rounds -- knocking over old people trying to get all the good stuff. Just kidding, I only knock over the people my own age and younger. So as you are getting ready for your day, I am bargaining … [Read more...]

Ivory Two-Toned Dresser


Happy Monday!!  I hope you had a great weekend! We had a fun BBQ over at a friend's house Friday night.  Saturday, we took the pups to get groomed, and then we had a wedding to attend that evening. Thank goodness it wasn't an outdoor wedding because it was in the triple digits here.  Sunday was full of cleaning and painting. I was feeling a little blue on Sunday as it was the one year anniversary of the wreck that lead to my aunt's death. There have been so many times over this last year … [Read more...]

Stenciled Vintage Dresser Makeover


First of all, I want to thank everyone who has voted for my Instagram video!  If you don't already know, Shaw Flooring has been running a contest, and the video with the most votes wins a $1500 Shaw Flooring GC. You all have heard me talk about LuLu, Gracie, and Charlie a million times. They are my babies. The only problem with rescue dogs is that sometimes they have been abused and or traumatized, which can make it harder to potty train them. All three of my pups took some major work, … [Read more...]

Retro Dresser Turned TV Console


Today is the last day of school!!!  No more getting up early, scrambling to get clothes washed the night before and nagging about homework and grades. The kiddo is not one of those kids who gets bored after a week of summer and is ready for school again. She soaks in every last minute of it. She's ready to have friends over, hang out at the pool and watch movies with me until late at night. And I am excited to have someone help me around here with my furniture projects. The kid is turning … [Read more...]