Yard Sale Clock to Upscale Cloche


I will be taking-off for the Haven Bloggers Conference in Atlanta on Thursday morning. It has been a hellaciously hot week here in the 100's, and I would like to think I am going somewhere cooler ... but that is probably not the case. My flight leaves at 5 freaking AM, and for someone that has extreme insomnia and doesn't usually go to sleep until 4 am, I'm guessing it means I will be arriving without having gone to sleep. Being from Kansas, I know what humidity is. Atlanta gives a whole … [Read more...]

Decorating with Trays Challenge


Hi everyone! We are back with our monthly decorating challenge, and this month's theme is Decorating with Trays. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. It wasn't until the last couple of months that I have ever decorated with trays. This is why I love these monthly challenges, they make me step out of the box and try new things. As I have said in the past, I am one of those people that decorate a room, and then I don't touch anything again for 5 years except to occasionally vacuum … [Read more...]

Green Retro Bookshelf Makeover


You know that little something in you that sees a junky piece of furniture and it whispers to you "grab that, it looks rough now, but we could make it into something great"? Yeah well Topher doesn't have that. In fact, Topher has a little part of him that says "that is a piece of crap. Run far away from that and do not let your wife have that. It is crap and it will always be crap". That is why when Topher and I go on an ice cream run I sometimes forget to tell him when are running to … [Read more...]

Plaster Painted Shelf Makeover


Hello everyone! Sorry I was M.I.A. on Monday, but we have been watching my 18-month-old niece the past few days, and as you all know, they are very busy at that age! It was a beautiful day yesterday, so we took her to our fantastic zoo and out to eat. Of course we had to tip our waitress very well because our table looked like a war zone! She has been so good, and we have had fun playing with her. The unnamed child is on spring break this week, so it's nice getting to spend some time … [Read more...]

Fabric Backed Vintage Shelf

Fabric-Backed-Bookshelf (3)

Hello my friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend! It was absolutely beautiful here! Sunshine and temps in the 60's meant that I could finally drag out all of my pieces that have been waiting to be spray painted. Topher did some work on his car, and our over-the-range microwave died on Friday, so he had to pull the old one out (easier said than done) and install a new one. I finished the pieces down below, started a few new ones, and brought some new goodies down to my booth. The … [Read more...]

Fabric Backed Console


I found this bookshelf/cabinet-ish piece at a yard sale for $10. It had a veneer top and cheap paneling on the back. I painted the entire piece with Plaster Paint in Sweet Cream and distressed it. I then removed the back piece of paneling, sprayed it with spray adhesive, and laid a piece of fabric over it. I then laid a heavy piece of wood on top to hold it in place until the adhesive, and then I cut off any extra fabric. I then nailed the panel back in place. … [Read more...]

Vintage Shelf Makeover


Hi guys! How was your weekend? Yesterday, as promised, I only worked for a few hours and then took the rest of the day off. We went and saw The Giver which was pretty good. There were a few things they didn't really explain at the end, but it was worth the price of admission. I even splurged and got popcorn. Topher thinks movie theater popcorn is the most disgusting stuff on the planet, and while I agree it is horrible for you, I think having it once a year won't kill you. I worked for … [Read more...]

$3 Yard Sale Cabinet Makeover


Well, I'm back from Atlanta! For anyone that doesn't know, I was there for the Haven bloggers conference. To sum things up ...  it was amazing. Fabulous bunch of women and some spectacular classes. Don't worry, I will be posting a summary later on this week. One thing that you don't do much at Haven is sleep. I left on Thursday morning.  Backing-up a little, Tuesday night I didn't sleep much (trying to get work finished before I left), and then the night before I left I went to bed at … [Read more...]

Kickboxing Queen (And the Wallpaper Lined Bookshelf)

www.restorationredoux.com - Bookshelf

I need to go to the gym.  It's been months since I have been there, and my body is looking sad. I think I would enjoy a class but the last time I did, terrible, bad things happened. Once upon a time, I decided to take a kickboxing class. I had a Tae Bo video, and I frequently did that 20 minute video like a golden gloves champ, so how different could an organized class be?  For starters ... this 60 minute class more than doubled my workout time. So, I walk into the class, and I notice … [Read more...]