Pinterest Party Friday #95


Happy Friday everyone! If you have been wondering where I have disappeared to this week, it's been the hospital. I was in and out of the ER Fri-Sunday with the most horrendous kidney pain. I was finally admitted on Monday and ended-up having surgery where they put in a stent. Now it turns out I am having more pain with the stent in and am meeting with my surgeon this afternoon to decide if we are going to remove it, and if so what to do next. So while I've been writhing with pain for the … [Read more...]

Shopping Your Home (Part 3 of Our Decorating Challenge)


For the last couple of months my bloggy buddies and I have participated in a decorating challenge where you decorate the same space three different ways using only items you already own. Making over furniture is easy for me, decorating not so much. As I have said before, I tend to decorate a space and then leave it for the next five years. This challenge has been good for me to pull old things out of the basement and shuffle things all around the house. The spot that I chose to decorate … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #94


Happy Friday guys! We had a couple of nice days over Spring Break this week, but the rest have been cold and rainy. At least this year it didn't snow! We are going prom dress shopping this weekend, and I can already hear my bank account screaming for mercy, but since she will be graduating early next year, this will be her only prom, so at least we will only have to go through this once. Honestly, though, I am excited to help her pick something glitzy out. We are also going to visit my … [Read more...]

Best of DIY- Hydrangea Easter Wreath


  Welcome to the second installation of the Best of DIY Tour where 24 of my friends and I are sharing some of our newest projects! I am hosting Easter at my house this year, and while I have already decorated the inside of the house, my front door was still looking a little bare. I wanted to make an Easter wreath, but didn't have a lot of extra time to devote to it, so I decided on something quick and easy. Here is what I used: A grapevine wreath, Some artificial … [Read more...]

Ivory and Blue Painted China Hutch


Guess what today is? It's Furniture Themed Thursday! This month's theme is Distressed, and all of my blogging buddies and I have some fun new projects to show you! My brother picked-up this old china hutch for me from a yard sale a while back, and it had been living in my basement for two years now (something my hubby never let me forget). When we installed our new carpet a few weeks ago, and my brother and hubby had to carry this mammoth beast back up the stairs, he said it was now … [Read more...]

Plaster Painted Shelf Makeover


Hello everyone! Sorry I was M.I.A. on Monday, but we have been watching my 18-month-old niece the past few days, and as you all know, they are very busy at that age! It was a beautiful day yesterday, so we took her to our fantastic zoo and out to eat. Of course we had to tip our waitress very well because our table looked like a war zone! She has been so good, and we have had fun playing with her. The unnamed child is on spring break this week, so it's nice getting to spend some time … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #93


Happy Friday everybody!! I have been such a happy person this week with temps in the low 70's. The pups have been taken on multiple walks, I've had a spray paint assembly line going on, and the unnamed child even whipped out the ol' bikini and laid outside in the sun with Charlie. The kiddo has been on the internet non-stop since she was asked to prom on Wednesday. I'm really happy that she's going, but this isn't going to be cheap my friends. Some of these dresses online cost more than my … [Read more...]

How to Make an Arrow from a Pallet


I've been busy working on my gallery wall for my basement, and I decided I needed one of the ever-popular arrows you have seen all around. I wanted a fairly large one, and I didn't want to dish out the money to buy one, so I Topher decided to build one. I had an old pallet sitting in the garage that I scored for free a while back, and a really old piece of tongue-and-groove board. For the arrowhead, I simply cut two triangles from the tongue-and-groove so the pieces would line up right and … [Read more...]

Fabric Backed Vintage Shelf

Fabric-Backed-Bookshelf (3)

Hello my friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend! It was absolutely beautiful here! Sunshine and temps in the 60's meant that I could finally drag out all of my pieces that have been waiting to be spray painted. Topher did some work on his car, and our over-the-range microwave died on Friday, so he had to pull the old one out (easier said than done) and install a new one. I finished the pieces down below, started a few new ones, and brought some new goodies down to my booth. The … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #92


Happy Friday everyone!!! I'm pretty proud to say that for the last 2 weeks, I have been working out 5 days a week. For Lent, instead of giving something up (since I couldn't think of any certain thing that would be a sacrifice to give up) I decided to force myself to work out 5 days a week. You would think after two weeks of working out religiously that I wouldn't hate doing it anymore. Unfortunately that is not the case. Every single day, I dread it as much as the day before, and I have … [Read more...]