$3 Yard Sale Cabinet Makeover


Well, I'm back from Atlanta! For anyone that doesn't know, I was there for the Haven bloggers conference. To sum things up ...  it was amazing. Fabulous bunch of women and some spectacular classes. Don't worry, I will be posting a summary later on this week. One thing that you don't do much at Haven is sleep. I left on Thursday morning.  Backing-up a little, Tuesday night I didn't sleep much (trying to get work finished before I left), and then the night before I left I went to bed at … [Read more...]

Kickboxing Queen (And the Wallpaper Lined Bookshelf)

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I need to go to the gym.  It's been months since I have been there, and my body is looking sad. I think I would enjoy a class but the last time I did, terrible, bad things happened. Once upon a time, I decided to take a kickboxing class. I had a Tae Bo video, and I frequently did that 20 minute video like a golden gloves champ, so how different could an organized class be?  For starters ... this 60 minute class more than doubled my workout time. So, I walk into the class, and I notice … [Read more...]

Not mine anymore

I got a cute little three shelf bookcase at an estate sale. I thought it would be about the right size for a child's bedroom.So I decided not to go my usual route with the distressing and making it look aged. I went for a bright sunny yellow and painted the back of the shelves white.It looked a bit boring, so I decided I would try my hand at stenciling. I found a sweet one with flowers thinking it couldn't be very hard could it? Well let's just say my flowers looked like big yellow blobs. Not so … [Read more...]