• Pink Striped Changing Table

Blue Rustic Table


Guess what today is? It’s Themed Furniture Makeover Day! This month’s theme is rustic. Now I upcycle tons of furniture pieces, but I wouldn’t say my style is really rustic. I have had a big table that a friend had given me a few years ago, sitting in my basement. […]

Decorating with Trays Challenge


Hi everyone! We are back with our monthly decorating challenge, and this month’s theme is Decorating with Trays. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It wasn’t until the last couple of months that I have ever decorated with trays. This is why I love these monthly […]

Summer Kickoff Giveaway


  Would you like a little extra cash this summer? To go on a little road trip? Or buy some new summer clothes? How would you like a little bling for yourself too? I’ve got exciting news today!!! Me and some of my blogging buddies are giving away $375 cash […]

Pinterest Party Friday #107


Happy Friday everyone!!! Do you ever have those weeks where it feels like you’ve been running your tail off but didn’t really get anything accomplished? That was me this week. I had a list of projects a mile long, but I was running around to doctor appts, dentist appts, grocery […]

Green Retro Bookshelf Makeover


You know that little something in you that sees a junky piece of furniture and it whispers to you “grab that, it looks rough now, but we could make it into something great”? Yeah well Topher doesn’t have that. In fact, Topher has a little part of him that says […]

Habitat for Humanity + a Twitter Party


What does your home mean to you? To me it’s everything. It’s where my family and I feel safe and protected. It’s something I take pride in, and I get to express my personality in. It’s one of the things I feel blessed to have everyday, knowing that there are […]

TWT: Ryobi Cordless Mower Review


Over the past few weeks, my Tuesdays with Topher posts have focused on how to get started blogging.  We’ve discussed picking your site name, buying the domain, picking a platform, choosing and theme, and last week we discussed how to pimp your site using plugins. This week (just in time […]

Pinterest Party Friday #106


Happy Friday everyone!!! The last few weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster ride for us. Let me back up for a minute. For the last year, we had held off doing any real home improvements because we thought we were going to move this coming fall. Anyone […]

How to Reupholster a Bench


This my friends is probably one of the easiest tutorials I have ever shown you. I know that a lot of people will bypass upholstered pieces of furniture at yard sales/thrift stores, etc. because they are intimidated by the whole recovering process. I too used to be one of those […]

Tuesdays With Topher: How to Manage Your PlugIns


Welcome back to another Tuesdays with Topher!!! Now we’re in the swing of this whole blogging thing:  We have a domain where we can park our site, we have a Content Management System that helps us manage our posts, we have an attractive theme we like (but continuing to tweak), […]