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Fall Floral Pumpkin Wreath


You all know that I am a summer girl. I would take the heat over the cold any day. This summer was rough though. It was one of the hottest summers we have had in years. The sweat through your t-shirt, makeup melts off within 5 minutes of putting it […]

Tuesdays With Topher: Travel Tools for Bloggers


Happy Tuesday to you!! This year, it seems that I’m on the road a little more often than usual. Often times, Shanna accompanies me on a trip here or there, but now that she’s a full-time blogger, her need to stay connected is much more important than it’s been in […]

Pinterest Party Friday #115 and Some Dog Troubles


Happy Friday everyone! I’m going to get right down to it:  I’m worried about my dog. A few weeks back, she tore her ACL (a ligament in her back right leg). The vet said to carry her everywhere for 2 weeks and give her pain meds. She seemed to be […]

Blue Little Love Bird Bench


Hello my friends! Today is themed furniture makeover day!! This month’s theme is animals! I’ll be honest … I had to get creative on this one! In the spring, while at a yard sale, I came across this bench for $12. It was in good shape but totally plain and […]

Tuesdays With Topher: Choosing The Right Camera


Hi there!  It’s nice to be back after last week’s hiatus. If you’ve followed along on my weekly posts on blogging, you’ve probably picked-up on my not-so-subtle belief that without strong content and without great supporting photos, you will likely struggle to gain an audience. I’ve written about improving your […]

Pinterest Party Friday #114


Happy Friday!!! Today the unnamed child has her last first day of school. She went to school this morning wearing her senior girls shirt, and last night all of the seniors chalked their cars. I honestly have no idea where the time has gone. I swear it was just the […]

25 Incredible Ivory Furniture Projects


  If you are a regular reader of mine, you know without a shadow of a doubt that I am a lover of all shades of blue:  turquoise, royal, aqua, you name it, I am completely drawn to it. This is why the majority of the furniture pieces that I […]

Pinterest Party Friday #113


Happy Friday everyone!!! Guess what I’ve been getting ready for this week? The unnamed child has her senior pictures tomorrow! Holy cow! How the heck is it possible that the time has gone so fast that she’s old enough to shoot senior pictures? Let me tell you, getting ready for […]

How to Make a Gallery Wall Using Yard Sale Items


Last week in the Decorating Challenge, we focused on gallery walls. Mine was all about the Eclectic Gallery Wall that I have in my basement around a vintage dresser that I turned into my TV console. While writing that post, I realized that I never showed how I updated the gallery […]

Tuesdays With Topher: Basic Photo Editing


Happy Tuesday! Looking back through my older posts, I noticed that I’ve mentioned the importance of photo quality a number of times. We love looking at pictures. And I guarantee the people who visit your web site love looking at pictures too. So why would you post any photo on […]