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How to Shop Your Home (a Three Month Decorating Challenge)


Welcome to our new series, where some of my blogging buddies and I show you how we decorate a new space without spending a dime.  We will each choose a space in our homes and show you, over the next three months, three different ways to decorate it using only items that we already own. As soon as I took my Christmas decor down, my first instinct was to go out and buy some new goodies to decorate with. My hubby and I had made a pact, starting at the first of the year, that we were going to get rid of a bit of credit card debt that we had accumulated ASAP, so now that the debt diet has begun, my little trips to find new goodies have come to a halt. At first I was frustrated … who wants to live in a house that doesn’t look nice? […]

Stenciled TV Console Makeover


I kind of feel bad. Most of my readers and blogging friends are in the middle of a blizzard, and here in Kansas it has been 70 degrees. I have been walking the pups, spray painting outside, opening-up the windows, and grilling-up burgers and hot dogs like it’s Spring. Before you get too jealous, though, know that today is the last day of this glorious weather before we too take the plunge. They are calling for snow here on Saturday. Just like the saying goes, if you don’t like the weather in Kansas, wait five minutes and it will change… Ugh! As I have said before I am not a winter girl. Last week  I showed you how I swapped out my old tv console for this one.

Vintage Cabinet turned Laundry Hamper


A few weeks, ago I showed you how my laundry room went from this to this I can’t believe how much better the room feels now. The only thing it was lacking was a place to stash the dirty clothes. I didn’t want to have big laundry baskets sitting on the floor, and I wasn’t able to build shelves or mount a cabinet because if we ever needed to pull out the washer out, the space is too small to work around a large piece of furniture. My parents went to an estate sale the other day and brought home this vintage cabinet.

Pinterest Party Friday #86


Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope you all had a great week! Mine was a little chaotic. I was part of a furniture tour yesterday, but I was unable to start on my piece until Tuesday due to some projects for clients being due, so I knew I would be cutting it close. I painted all day Tuesday and Wednesday and finished a big dresser that I bought off of Craigslist a few months back. When I purchased the dresser the man had told me that the hardware was all in one of the drawers. So yesterday, when I took it out and went to paint it, I totally freaked out. The handles did not fit the holes on the drawers, and two of the handles had been replaced with knobs. This was a vintage, French Provincial dresser, and I dug through the spare handles I had, and they didn’t fit […]

Plaster Painted French Provincial Nightstand Makeover


Today is the Furniture Themed Thursday Tour!!! This month our theme is “Inspired By“. We were to pick a piece of furniture from a store, or done by someone else, and do our own take on it. My Inspiration piece was this gorgeous dresser that I saw on Dear Lillie.

Plaster Painted Vintage Dresser Makeover

Retro Two Toned Dresser

I noticed the other day that I shared one of my furniture pieces as a contributor at another site in October, but because of the craziness in my life, I never shared it with my readers.  You see, Fall is a bit of a whirlwind around here as I start decorating for Halloween, flow into Thanksgiving, and settle into Christmas (with get-togethers, parties, and functions peppered all throughout). Toward the end of the summer, I came across a giant beast of a brown dresser at a yard sale for next to nothing. I’m pretty sure it was so cheap because the owners just wanted this albatross out of their home. It was super nasty when we bought it, but I saw some great potential there. Topher did not. He thought it was heinous and could not be saved. He of little faith.

Pinterest Party Friday #85


Happy Friday everyone!!! I’m pretty excited that Topher and the unnamed child have a three day weekend! He’s going to help me build some shelving in my new laundry room! I don’t mind getting down to work with the saws and nailguns, but he’s the brains behind drawing-up the plans. I show him an example of what I want, and he does and the measuring and sketching it out. The unnamed child has been binge-watching seasons of “Friends”, and of course I tend to get sucked in every time I walk by the TV.  I forget how funny that show is. I have switched out our old tv console with a giant dresser, and I am finishing up making over the old one to put in my furniture booth. I also have to do some work around the house. Since I took all of my Christmas decor down, I have […]

How We Save $749 a Year By Cutting Out Cable and Still Get to Watch the Shows We Love


Stepping out into the new year, Topher and I decided we needed to go on a diet — a debt diet that is. Like so many other people, we finished up the year with some credit card debt. You know what I’m talking about — that emergency card that you had to use when something big popped-up, like a large car repair or a pet surgery. Then you maybe added an emergency pair or shoes that you had to have to go with your dress for that certain party, and when you absolutely needed a weekend away to recharge your marriage? Those kinds of things ended-up totaling more than you thought once that January credit card statement rolled in. So we decided to pay it off as soon as possible because who wants to pay any extra money on interest? So for the next few weeks, I will be sharing […]

Super Easy Ruffle Trim Valentine’s Day Trees


Happy Monday everyone!!! Sadly strep throat and I still haven’t broken up. It’s one of those relationships where I want to move on, but he just won’t let me go. My throat itself is better, but that has been replaced with congestion, horrible body aches, and a fun cough — just to to top things off. Along with this nastiness lingering, so has my christmas decor. This weekend, come hell or high water, it had to go. It definitely isn’t as fun taking it down as it is putting it up. So after all the yuletide joy got boxed up and put away, my house was looking a little sad and naked. Having very little energy, I decided to do a super easy Valentine’s Day craft to give my bare little table a new pop of color. All you will need is:

IKEA Rast Hack


Happy Friday everyone!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA this week, strep and this almost 40-year-old body were at war the entire time. I’m still not well, but I’m better than I was a week ago. I’ve got a fun makeover for you today! A while back I was contacted by Hickory Hardware and asked to take part in an IKEA Rast Challenge.  They would send me the IKEA dresser, and I would make it over. I thought it sounded fun so I told them to send it my way! Now I have never been to IKEA before (I know … Gasp)! One just opened 3 hours from me, and I hope to remedy this soon.  A lot of their furniture pieces are very simple and plain and come unassembled. While I was sick, Topher put it together for me to help me see what I was working with.