Yarn Heart Wreath

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is thawing out.

I heard some great stories of kindness during these blizzard like conditions, but I love the story of the Chick-fil-A owner in Birmingham. The storm got so bad, he sent his workers home only to find them back at the store shortly after as they got stuck and had to abandon their cars. The highway and streets were filled with people who had been stuck, some for up to 7 hours without food. The Chick-fil-A owner and his staff started making food and trudging out in the snow to take food to all of these poor people in their cars. This went on for hours and people were incredibly grateful for their kindness. He also helped people back to his store and let them stay the night where it was warm. He and his staff got up that morning and made breakfast for all these people also never asking for a dime in return. This man is incredibly inspiring.

Here it is cold and windy but luckily we never got the snow (but it looks like it’s coming on Saturday). My only tragedy was having to drive all three dogs to the vet yesterday to get their teeth checkup. It was pure insanity trying to drive with all three of them fighting to sit on my lap. Charlie was growling at Gracie, Gracie kept licking my face, and LuLu insisted on having the window down — and at 40 degrees it was a cold, windy ride.

Sure texting and driving is bad, but triple-dog-driving (I can assure you) is way worse.

Apparently all Gracie, Charlie and LuLu all need their teeth cleaned. At $300 a pop, I am apparently going to have to sell a kidney.

I’ve been back at work on my Valentine’s Day decor, and I just finished my Yarn Heart Wreath!

Here’s what you will need:

  • A wire heart wreath
  • 3 colors of yarn (or however many you choose), and
  • A roll of ribbon

I bought this really neat wire heart wreath frame at Hobby Lobby, and for some reason it had all of these weird decorative wires all over it. Topher kindly agreed to snip the silver metal rings attaching the goofy, fuzzy things to the wire frame — and it quickly became a treacherous task as sharp metal wreath-shrapnel started flying through the air.  I should have taken a photo of Topher cutting this fuzzy heart-shaped wreath wearing his face shield and eye protection.

Once those were removed I tied my first piece of string onto my metal form, and then I started wrapping it around the wreath. I just kept wrapping until I thought I had enough, and then I tied the end of the piece of yarn to the wreath. I then started with the next color of yarn and continued on until the wreath was entirely covered.

Photo Jan 24, 8 53 41 PM

I then made a burlap bow using the bow maker I got from Michael’s awhile back and attached it to my wreath with a pipecleaner.

That’s it! A total no-brainer project!

It did take some time.  I did it while watching tv over a couple of nights — but it takes no skill whatsoever.

I hung it up on my mantel right above my 3-D Valentine Letters.




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  1. Crystal says

    i love the story about the Chickfila owner. It’s the way we should be all the time…helping others that are in need. Love the yarn wreath!! Pinning :)

  2. Amy Hunt says

    I love it this heart too, but it’s already the 10th, do I have time? I think I do but if not I have wire and ribbon. Maybe I can fudge something that will look half way decent. Thanks for the idea!

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