Vintage Mirror Makeover

Happy Monday!!  I hope you all had a great weekend!

Mine was pretty busy. Topher and I were godparents at my niece’s baptism, and she was so good! No fussing, and she didn’t even spit up on her baptismal gown.

I was a painting maniac! My dogs are so multi-colored it’s ridiculous — I’m not sure why they can’t walk into my studio without rubbing up against the piece of furniture I’m painting.

I did get quite a few projects finished, but I still have some big ones in the works. I’m working on a giant dresser, two cute end tables, and I’m getting started on a sign for my new furniture booth. It opens April 1st, and I have so much left to do!

The unnamed child was feeling pretty depressed last night … Spring Break is now over, and it’s time to wake up early and get back to school.

Speaking of feeling blue, while at a yard sale on Saturday I found this vintage mirror.


It was ugly and dated, so I decided to throw a fresh coat of paint on it.






  1. Crystal says

    I love the mirror! The color is fantastic!! I’m pretty blue that spring break is over too. I thought of you last night when my daughter and I were watching the new episode of Hart of Dixie. Have a great week!

    • says

      Thanks Crystal! Okay, I know who Joel is now and I am not a fan. She needs to be with Wade but he just started dating her cousin. I’m on episode 10 on season 3. The girl that plays Lemon was pregnant in real life so it’s funny to watch her be seated or standing behind a plant in every scene. I’m guessing George is going to end up back with Tansey. I’m fine with that because Zoey needs to cross back over to Team Wade!

  2. Laura says

    I think I have the EXACT same mirror, except mine has the little pinecone things still attached to the top of the spirals on the sides, and it’s black. I found it at the Salvation Army for seven dollars, very exciting. I think you always forget they made more than one when you buy them second-hand!

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