Our Unconventional Uses for Cottonelle

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Topher and I were talking this weekend about how getting old is weird.

We just don’t feel as old as we are (most days anyway). We were talking about what babies we were when we got married (I was 21 and he was 23). When we got married, I was still in college, and he just took his first teaching position.

We were broke. Flat broke.

We lived in a clean, but small apartment that we could barely afford, and we prayed each month that our cars didn’t brake down.

I then got a part-time job and things were slightly better.

Then the unnamed child came along, and as thrilled as we were to have her, it definitely took a toll on us financially.


That is when I discovered the power of coupons and buying store brands.

As the years have gone by, thankfully we are in a better financial position, but there are things that we still have carried with us — such as clipping coupons and buying store brands on most products (since most of the time there isn’t much of a difference).

There are a few products, however, that you can definitely tell the difference in … and one of them is toilet tissue.

In that area, there most definitely is a difference between the good and the cheap, and that is one resource we refuse compromise on. The brand we have always preferred is Cottonelle Clean Care.

Photo Feb 09, 3 56 04 PM

The price might seems slightly higher than store brands, but you get 25% more per roll, and since we have a house full of teenage girls here all of the time, that can add up.

Also Cottonelle almost always has coupons you can use.

Here is another great feature of going out and buying Cottonelle right now, their promotion with Vudu — the movie streaming service.  The kid LOVES this deal since she rents movies from Vudu all the time when her friends are over (its an app on Roku, Playstation or XBOX).  It’s like going to a RedBox, but from your couch.

  • Head into Walmart and purchase both the Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and moist Cleansing Cloths.
  • When you purchase BOTH items in store in the month of February, you will receive a $5 Vudu offer (there is not a Gift Card option). Vudu is like Netflix or Hulu and offers HD movies.

To receive the offer, here’s all you need to do:

  • Take a picture of the receipt showing that you purchased both items
  • Text or email that picture to clean@drvsusa.com
  • You will receive a text or email back with a code valid for a $5 movie credit
  • You can get more information by going to www.DRVSusa.com/cottonellemovies

Another Cottonelle product that the unnamed child and I are fans of is their Moist Cleansing Cloths — we use them to remove our makeup.

The unnamed child, being a teenager, has oily skin, and I have the driest of the dry.  They work great on both of our skin types.

When my daughter goes to sleepovers, most of the time she comes home in the morning with smeared makeup all over after not washing her face before going to bed (if they even go to bed).  Cottonelle makes the Moist Cleansing Cloths in these great travel packages, and my daughter has started slipping them in her purse to takes them with her to remove her makeup when crashing at a friend’s house.

Photo Feb 09, 4 56 35 PM

Since I am always hauling old pieces of furniture in my car, my hands can get pretty dirty (and you all know what a germophobe I am).

I keep a package of the travel size cleansing cloths in my car to wipe off my hands whenever I need to.  My hands are usually covered in hot glue burns, or extremely cracked from constant washing, and normal wipes can hurt, but Cottonelle’s are alcohol free so they’re perfect!

Photo Feb 09, 5 11 52 PM

I know that my family has some unconventional uses for some of these products but they work great for us.

And I completely understand how a cheaper product might seem like a good alternative, but I promise, once you use Cottonelle instead of a cheap, sandpapery product, I’m sure you’ll see things from our perspective:  A good deal is always fabulous, but there are some things in life that are absolutely worth the upgrade.


  1. jamie lynn says

    Please know that those “flushable” wipes are absolutely not really flushable. I’ve just spent the last 3 days with 5 different plumbers because of a badly clogged drain (that had nothing to do with those wipes) but was advised NEVER to flush them down the toilet and heard 3 different horror stories as to why they are just not really flushable. Just an FYI!

  2. says

    I like the idea of taking the travel pack with me when I’m out. After coming out of a store I can’t help but want to wash my hands. Might have to keep a pack of wipes bed side as well. I have oily/dry skin so it’s nice to know it works on both.

  3. says

    couldn’t agree more that sometimes you have to buy the brands. I’m going to the store in a few minutes…and I’m adding cottonelle cleansing cloths to my list!

  4. says

    Great post! I love good toilet paper!! My brother in law uses the super cheap stuff at his house and its seems like you use SO much! Not really worth it ;o)

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