Ruffle Trim Heart

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Thank you all so much for such a great response to my Valentine’s Day Home Tour! I did have a lot of requests for tutorials on my rag garland, PomPom Heart Pillow, V-Day Topiaries, and my Ruffle Trim Heart.  Today I am here with the Ruffle Trim Heart — and the others will be coming next week.

It has been a brutally cold week with two snow days for the unnamed child (which she was super excited about). We have a huge hill (by Kansas standards) by our house, and she and all of her girlfriends went sledding. They spent over and hour rounding-up all our winter gear, bundling-up, and getting ready. Once they were out, they called me after 20 minutes saying they were freezing to death. I’m sure they were since it was only 8 degrees out!

It sounds like I am once again having a weekend full of teenage girls sleeping over, and they are praying that the snow forecasted for this weekend will give them yet another snow day.

I will be painting and taking a bit of down time now that my Home Tour is finished.

On to the tutorial!

First I asked Topher nail together some planks of wood. It just so happened, we found some old, old wooden planks on Craigslist a while ago (for free), and they’ve been setting in the garage waiting for just the right projects — and this was the perfect opportunity to use them!  He cut them down to the same length, glued them together with a support piece going up the back, and then gave it a quick coat of stain.

I printed off a heart silhouette off of the internet but even filling the page, I didn’t think it was large enough, so I opened the graphic in Microsoft Publisher (part of the MS Office suite) and set it up for “Poster Size”.  Using that feature, you can spread the image over a number of pages.  So using tile printing, I printed off a heart the size I needed and then taped the pages together before cutting it out.

Photo Feb 02, 12 26 34 PM

I then traced the heart onto the wood with chalk.

Photo Feb 02, 12 26 41 PM

Next I hot glued the darker coral ribbon onto the chalk outline.

I then glued on a layer of the light pink ribbon so that it just barely overlapped. Just keep alternating the colors of ribbon until you have layers of ribbon. looking the way you like.

2014-02-03 15.34.48

Then take one color and roll it around your finger and hot glue one side to the wood and continue doing this until the middle of the heart is filled in.

2014-02-03 15.35.07

2014-02-03 15.35.14

Super easy craft that can be used through Spring and Summer too!

I really like the contrast between the old, roughed-up wood background, and the bright, cheery pink ruffle heart.



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See everyone on Monday!!


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