Pinterest Party Friday #68

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I hope you all have had a great week!

I just want to take a quick minute out to brag what freaking amazing readers I have! It meant so much to have all of you rally to my defense when I got the hateful comment from Rick this week. If you missed that day you can see it here. I was talking about blogger bullies (bullies that target bloggers … not the other way around) and how I just don’t understand the motivation behind nasty comments like that.

I gave an example of an especially insulting comment I received about my Turquoise Dining Set recently. The way you all rallied around me was amazing.

I will admit, when you get comments like that it can hurt your feelings, I’m only human … but you guys helped me shake that off in a hurry. Your uplifting supportive comments that day made me forget all about smelly old Rick. Some of your colorful comments about made me almost  pee myself, and lets just say some of your rhyming abilities had me in tears I was laughing so hard.

I was bragging about you guys to anyone who would listen, and then yesterday when I posted my Tube TV Turned Dog House, you shocked the heck out of me again with the outpouring of your sweet comment love.

If you haven’t seen, I have an Instagram video in a contest right now. Whoever gets the most likes wins a $1500 Shaw Flooring GC — and having potty trained rescue dogs, God knows I need some new carpet.

Thank you to all who have liked it and if you haven’t and you have an Instagram account just click on the video below and and click through to Instagram and click the LIKE button and that’s it!

If you don’t have an Instagram account you are missing out! It’s like visual crack … just like Pinterest and it is super easy to sign up!

So to sum it up you guys are rockstars! I have the best readers in the world, and I am giving each one of you a virtual squeeze right now! Just close your eyes and imagine someone who smells a little sweaty, with no makeup on, hair in a bun and mismatched painting clothes that have so many layers of paint on them they can stand up on their own hugging the holy heck out of you!

There! Feel better? Me too!

On to this week’s pins of the week!


Bacon Crackers from my friend Debbie … a MUST TRY!



Harlow and Indianna.  One of Topher’s favorite Instagram accounts to follow…

Have a great weekend my friends! I will see you on Monday!!!


  1. Sharon says

    Thanks for talking about the comments you get from people! I paint and sell furniture–I’ve been doing this about two years–and sometimes I get the RUDEST comments from people that I consider quitting. Just this week a couple of ladies were talking about one of my pieces that I’d posted on a local facebook yard sale sight…they were saying that they would NEVER pay $150 for a dresser that they would just do it themselves. I got this message in my e-mail inbox but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for them!), I couldn’t figure out which yard sale sight they were talking on. They put these comments on my post! I wanted to tell them that they are welcome to paint their own pieces–all they have to do is buy good paint at $30 a gallon, a couple of hundred dollars worth of tools, have carpentry skills…and oh, yes, some artistic talent!!! I’ve also gotten comments on my furniture facebook page similar to Rick’s. But I’ve also met some wonderful people because of this little business. Anyway, thanks for letting me know that I’m not alone!

    • says

      Oh your definitely not alone Sharon! Every time I publish a Mid century piece I know I can count on some haters. I think people don’t realize that this is my job. When they say that you should have refused the client and told them no, I think that is crazy. Would they tell their bosses no? Of course not, they would be fired, which is exactly what would have happened to me. This is the way I pay my mortgage and the way I put food on the table for my child. I think some of the people that talked trash behind your back in Junior High never really grow out of it. I read tons of blog and I don’t always like all of the projects but I have never felt the need to be rude or belittle someone because of it. I just move on. I do agree that I too have met a lot of wonderful people through blogging! I guess you just have to take the good with the bad!

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