Pinterest Party Friday!!!!

Happy Pinterest Party Friday!!!

We are kicking off Spring Break here in Kansas today!! For the first time in I don’t know how many years, it is going to be good weather for Spring Break!

It never fails, it is always gorgeous the week before, and then the week of Spring Break it is cold, or rainy, or both.

The new shop I will be putting my furniture pieces in opens April 1st, so I am seriously running out of time to get some more projects completed. You always know when I am working on too many projects, because the dogs become even more multi-colored than usual. Charlie is about 4 different shades of blue right now.

Maybe now that the unnamed child has a break from school, I can bribe her into helping me paint.

On to this week’s favorite pins of the week!

Bellocq tea atelier in Brooklyn.  Now I’m not entirely sure what a tea atelier is but I want to go there purely for their mind blowing decor.


From the pendant lights to the rustic kitchen table and everything else in between I’m in love.


This would be the perfect room to snuggle in with a great book on a rainy day.

She looks exactly like my LuLu.


This ensemble would be perfect on a beautiful day like today!


Nutella Cupcakes

I gave up chocolate for Lent, so you will probably be seeing quite a few chocolate recipes on PPF for the next few weeks as I go through withdraw.


So beautiful!


Simple but perfect.



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See you on Monday!!!


  1. joy says

    The silver on the tub in the Obsessed pic…..ooh la la!
    Cheering for u to get lots of pieces done, Shannna, cannot wait to see where they will be housed!

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