Pampering Our Kitten

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As you all know, I am an animal person. Animal “hoarder” if you ask my hubby.

My entire life, I have had pets. If there is a stray animal within a five mile radius, I am the crazy lady that is feeding it. It’s that maternal instinct kicking in. Even in the third grade, I was the one rescuing a litter of kittens out of an old tree stump — and of course the one I wanted was the runt of the litter that no one else wanted.

So as soon as I graduated high school, the first thing I did was get my own pet. I went down to the local Humane Society and walked all around, searching for my perfect new cat. There were many that were pretty, but I just didn’t feel a connection until I stepped in front of a beautiful tabby’s kennel. She was a little, brown ball of fluff with the sweetest eyes. She was sticking her paws through the bars, trying to touch me … and that is when I knew. She needed me.

So off we went, this 18 year old (who was a child herself) and her new little sidekick.

Kitten and I have been through everything together.  Heartbreaks where she would curl up with me as I cried, moving from place to place, new jobs, a marriage (where she quickly accepted Topher), and eventually a baby where she tolerated the occasional tug on her fur. She even went along with a daughter of her human dressing her up from time-to-time.


She only slightly begrudged Baxter when he came to live with us, and when we got Gracie it only took one time to teach her that Kitten ruled the roost.

Gracieand Kitten

Then two years later, Lulu came into the picture and then came Charlie.

LuLu and Charlie

All of the dogs have always given her the respect she deserves.


There are so many cats that only want to be pet occasionally and on their terms. That’s not Kitten. She has more of a dog tendency. She will come when called, and if you throw a Christmas bow she will fetch it for hours.

Her one quirk, she will only drink from the faucet. For years you would have to leave it running and she would climb up there to drink. Now, sadly as she is twenty years old, she can’t jump like she once did, and you have to lift her up.  Recently, her age is showing more and more, and she is starting to slow down some and is sleeping a bit more throughout the day.


As cats get older, their kidneys start to not work as well as they once did, and they have to use the litter box more frequently.

Since the unnamed child and her friends always hang out in the basement (and that is where Kitten’s litter box is) we are always a bit worried of odors. So when we found out about the Litter Genie, we ran straight to Target to snag one.


I’m not sure if you had a Diaper Genie for your kiddos but these work in much the same way.  You lift the lid, make your deposit, pull the lever, and it seals it.

One of the unnamed child’s chores is to clean the litter box — a job that she continually gripes about. If it is something that makes her lift her head from Twitter, Dexter, or Snapchat she is not a happy camper. So you can imagine her delight every time we ask her to clean kitten’s box. Instead of every couple of days where she had to carry it out to the trash now she only has to carry it out twice a month since the Litter Genie seals it off!

It’s super easy to assemble and includes the plastic refill bags and a scooper.

LitterGenie (3)

It contains a unique 5-layer bag with built in barrier technology to help protect against odors and germs.

LitterGenie (2)

It’s super easy to use:  scoop, open lid and pull the handle. That’s it!

It’s also easy to empty. When the bag is full, a simple cut-and-tie empties it.

Just click on this link for a $3 off coupon at Target.

The Litter Genie is the perfect product for us, and I highly recommend it for anyone that has cats.

All of us mom’s and DIY’ers work so hard to make our homes look nice, and the last thing we want is for it to smell bad.

The Litter Genie is the perfect solution!


  1. Linda Szymoniak says

    I just got my Litter Genie last week and so far really love it. We have a two-story house, and until recently didn’t really have a litter box in the upstairs bathroom, but when my daughter adopted a kitten, she stated leaving the door to the upstairs open so Arata could go up to her room to sleep or play or whatever, and we cleaned out the spare covered litter box and now have to keep that one scooped, although it doesn’t get as much use as the one on the main floor. I figured I’d get the Litter Genie to keep the smell down since, unlike the box on the main floor, which has three cats using it and I empty the garbage from that room every 1-2 days, the upstairs one takes a week or more to get enough in it to make it worth taking out. Of course, having used cat litter in the regular garbage can there makes odors, and also gives my dogs a better chance of getting a snack from the garbage there. If this one works out as well as it seem to be doing, I’ll probably get one for the main floor bathroom, too.

    • says

      I’m glad someone else has as many pets as me! I know what you mean about the pups getting into it. Ick! I love any product that keeps that from happening!

  2. Christine says

    7 cats & 3 dogs here.
    25 years ago I attended a baby shower. I don’t know nuttin’ ’bout no babies.
    However, the diaper genie had just been invented.
    I bored everyone to death raving about how cool it was, and how PURRRRFECT it would be for all my cat litter!
    Years later, out comes the Litter Genie, which is a nice Diaper Genie in disguise.
    Do you think I could get credit for the idea first? :)
    I still use my Diaper Genie. That, and the advent of scoopable litter changed all of our lives!

    • Christine says

      I forgot to mention one shouldn’t get me going about electric litter boxes (Littermaid).
      OMG how easy. And fun to watch all the cats run in to see it work.

  3. says

    I missed out on the diaper genie (I don’t think they were invented just yet when my son was born) but I’m really considering one of these Litter Genies once we get the basement pulled together. Kitten looks so sweet! That’s so funny that she only drinks from the faucet. Our Kitty has dog tendencies, too. They’re such amazing little creatures.

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