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Well, Fall is here and all of the networks have started their new TV lineups. I want to start watching some new ones, but I don’t want to waste my time on sucky shows. I thought I would share with you some of my favorites, and you can see what my taste is and maybe you can share some of your favorites with me.

1. So You Think You Can Dance. I love this show! I want my body to do what some of these dancers can do. I also want my body to look like theirs do, but that’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. For my birthday I literally asked my husband, mom and daughter to not get me a gift but just watch the whole season with me (OK, that and some junk). What fun is watching a show if you don’t have anyone to discuss it with? I’m always a little sad after this season finale arrives.

2. Private Practice – The spin off of Grey’s Anatomy. Spin offs rarely work (Port Charles, Joni Loves Chachi, etc.), but this one is fantastic. But medical drama, mixed with personal drama, who could ask for more? Plus I would like Kate Walsh’s hair (nothing creepy, just saying I would like my hair to resemble hers).

3. Grey’s Anatomy. Again medical drama but with this one, the hospital dramatics are a bit more bizarre and everyone is sleeping with everyone on this show which is somewhat entertaining. They also throw some pretty good one liners in (bazinga). Plus you have McDreamy, McSteamy, and Avery (who has the most beautiful eyes). SPOILER:  McSteamy just died though, that was disappointing to my daughter and I.

4. General Hospital. My first TV memory was watching this show with my mom. She let me watch it with her growing up. I remember getting frustrated on nights she would watch it after I went to bed and I would have to miss out. I discovered that if I align my Barbie compact on my dresser at just the right angle, I could watch a backwards reflection of a silent GH. Pretty creative I must say.

5.Dancing With the Stars. I love the sparkley costumes, the star/professional dancer fights, and I love watching the ones that really struggle to learn the routines because I know that would be me. My ballroom professional would beg to switch partners with anyone else because it would take me 8 hours to learn 14 seconds of the routine.

6. Long Island Medium. (Finally something not medicine or dancing, right?) I know there are a lot of con artist psychics out there but this lady is legit. She reads a lot of skeptics, and even they are converted after they are believers afterward. There is no way to know some of this stuff. I would LOVE to be read by this woman. I love her big Jersey hair helmet, her ghetto girl nails, her family (who is thoroughly embarrassed by her), and her obnoxious accent. It all works for her.

7. The High Low Project. It’s an HGTV show where a cute decorator asks a family if they had an unlimited budget how they would decorate a room. Then she decorates the room the way they have asked with top of the line everything. She then reveals it to them which they always love (usually because it costs anywhere from $30,000-$40,000) and then asks them how much they actually have to spend on the room (which is usually around $4,000 which still seems crazy high to me). She then tries to copy the high end room using creativity and some DIY talent. It’s amazing how close she can get to having the rooms look identical to the insanely high-end look, which just proves you don’t have to have a lot of money to decorate well.

8. Say Yes to the Dress. I love looking at all of the wedding dresses. I love watching the brides melt down because they are too this, too fat, too tall, too short or just too spoiled and can’t find what they want. Some of their bridal dress budgets floor me. Who spends $24,000 on a dress they will wear for 8 hours? Insanity.

9. Oprah’s Lifeclass series. It has some of the world’s best spiritual gurus showing you how to lead a more loving, present, spiritual, and peaceful life. I have really learned a lot from this show. And a little known fact:  Did you know last spring my mom and I went to a taping of this show? I won a pair of tickets, and we went to a taping in St. Louis. It was such an amazing experience. There were thousands of people there, and the way her crew ran everything like clockwork was impressive. Just the fact that I could say I saw an Oprah taping was something to cross off the bucket list.

10. Junk Gypsies. Two sisters from Texas that decorate homes in an unusual way. They take old drums and turn them into coffee tables, french horns get turned into lamps, etc.   They are so creative and I love tuning in to see what they will do next.

So there are some of my favorites. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Please share!

Now tuning into the furniture redoux channel:  Here is a little table I finished. I got it for free at a yard sale. Can’t beat free! I painted it an apple green color, distressed it, and used a dark wax on it. The pictures don’t really pick up the aged look on it, and my husband tried to be a little too creative and staged it with this horrible red rug under it but you get the general idea.

restorationredoux.com - Furniture Green Table

restorationredoux.com - Furniture Green Table

restorationredoux.com - Furniture Green Table


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