Just Call Me Alice


My dear friend Casey (whom I couldn't live without) has a term for my type of projects. She's named my style "Alice in Wonderlandish". She said my pieces were full of bright colors, and were a little quirky with interesting shapes and unique  features. If grouped together they look Wonderlandish. Never thought of it that way. Lately though with the crazy things that have been happening around here, I do sort of feel like we fell down the rabbit hole. For example: Let me tell you about last … [Read more...]

Gracie’s Story

I wasn't always a dog lover. Anyone who knows me now will find that hard to believe. Growing up, all we had was a cat.  Now I didn't dislike dogs, I just didn't like walking into someone's home and being jumped on, having my legs clawed up and getting showered in slobber. Plus there's the fact that I'm allergic to them. When I married my husband he wanted a dog. I told him no way. I had lots of excuses: my allergies, the jumping, not enough room, the slobber. So for years we just had … [Read more...]

Time marches on….right across your face


I'm starting to look old. Maybe I'm not starting to, maybe I have been and no one has told me. Because really, who's going to tell you? Not your friends because they want to remain your friend. Not your coworkers because they have to continue working with you. Definitely not your husband because even said lovingly it's a sure fire way to be in the dog house for a long time. I know I'm vain to even be talking about this but things are definitely going down hill fast. I'm hollowing out under … [Read more...]

Should have stayed in bed…

You know when you have one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? That was today for me. Before I was even out of bed I had a grouchy teenager yelling at me that I had washed the wrong shorts for her last night. Pretty sure she was lucky I washed any shorts for her.My husband's car was being worked on, so after having only two hours of sleep last night (insomnia) I had to take my daughter to school and him to work. I had a doctor's appointment so I had to kill and hour and 1/2. So of … [Read more...]