Pinterest Party Friday #78


Happy Friday guys!!! Originally, we were supposed to be in Houston right now getting ready to see Oprah. Unfortunately, my mom had to have surgery and wasn't able to go with me, so we Topher, the kiddo, and I left for a little getaway to Kansas City for the last few days. Today (Thursday) we ate way too much at Macaroni Grill, and then we decided to enjoy the gorgeous Fall weather and walk off some of our calories at the Plaza. We again ate way too much at Cracker Barrel, and then did a … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #77


Happy Friday everyone!!! It's been a busy week of running errands and appointments. The unnamed child finally got a job (thank the Lord!), and we had to get her some appropriate dress clothes; had a hair appointment for my mom (she had surgery and can't drive yet) and for the kiddo; two different Ortho appointment's; four chiropractor appointments; a veterinarian appt; and two doctor appointments. You know how many projects I got finished? Not a one! So this weekend, I am kicking … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #76


Happy Friday my friends!!! I'm glad this week is over! I've been trying to cram too much into it! You know how that is, and my body is a big ol stress ball. So tomorrow I am doing something fun! My sister-in-law and I are going to a big barn sale! If you follow me on my Instagram account, I will keep you in the loop with all the goodies I see. After the sale, I am finishing up a giant dresser that I'm working on, and Sunday is taking down fall and putting up Halloween decor day! If … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #76


Tomorrow I have to put my 21 year old cat to sleep.  I have known about it all week and have probably cried 200 times. I'm glad that I have time to spend with her, but at the same time having to think about it all week has been making me a crazy person. I know tomorrow that I am going to completely fall apart, but any prayers for strength would be appreciated. Okay, moving on... The carnival is here in town this weekend, which means the kiddo will be begging for money.  Topher will be … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #75


Happy Friday everyone!! Is it just me, or has this week been very chaotic? I have felt under the weather all week, but as a typical mom and wife ... the show must go on. It just makes everything feel that much harder though -- like you're going in slow motion. I am going to two different doctors today, so lets hope one of them can get it figured out. I just finished one project which I will be posting tomorrow. I know you're probably thinking "Tomorrow? you never post on Saturdays", but … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #74


Happy Pinterest Party Friday!!! Topher had to go to Vail, CO for a business conference this week, so the unnamed child and I decided to tag along. We stayed at the Marriott Resort Vail Mountain -- which is absolutely beautiful! It has this cozy lodge feel, but is totally luxurious. Glad Topher's company was paying for it because this place ain't cheap. The kiddo and I walked around each day at these beautiful outdoor malls right behind the hotel. It was 60 degrees, and while we were … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #73


Happy Friday everybody!! This week went by in a hurry! I think every week should be a 4 day week! I felt pretty cruddy this week, having a migraine for 4 days solid ... and just to spice things up, there was some vomiting, chills, and a fever.  I had a table due, so fever or no fever I had to get it done. I was sweating buckets the whole day while I worked on it, but by God, I got it done! My birthday is on Saturday, so my cousin took me out to dinner last night, and I should be at the … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #72


Happy Pinterest Party Friday!! Wow, this week flew by! Probably because I had deadlines to meet! Today, I am stenciling a coffee table and painting a mirror ... so not too bad of a day. We have been eating out all week, so I absolutely have to go to the grocery store because I think we are all pretty sick of takeout. The family is coming over to celebrate my dad's birthday, so I better get to planning a menu for that too. Does anyone else struggle with what to get their dad for his … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #71


Happy Pinterest Party Friday!!! Do you remember the desk and dresser from hell I was telling you about last week? Yeah, well they continued to torture me again this week. The desk, is finally completed and DebbieDoos is featuring it on her site today. The dresser (my nemesis) is still in the works. It's going to be a two-toned piece, and the drawers are finished and look beautiful. The body not so much. Let's just say there was a huge milkpaint disaster ... which had me start all over … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #70


Happy Pinterest Party Friday!!! Do you ever have those weeks where you feel like you worked your tail off but got nothing accomplished? That was me this week. The unnamed child started school yesterday (she was not thrilled). Monday through Wednesday, we were running around getting her haircut, school clothes, school supplies, etc. Then yesterday I felt a little icky and had a fever. So, I took the time to get caught up on emails, comments and other computer stuff. So project-wise … [Read more...]