Pinterest Party Friday #91


Happy Friday everybody!!! I don't know what the weather is like where you're at, but here it is freaking cold! Saturday it is supposed to snow, which will be replaced Sunday with freezing rain. The unnamed child is praying for a snow day Monday. I can't believe we have yet to have one this year! We are having a sleepover here with my 18 month old niece tonight. I am busy today going around baby-proofing the house and dragging out all of the toys we store for her here. I will also be … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #89


Happy Friday everyone!! The unnamed child is off from school today, so my day will be half spent painting and half spent hanging out watching movies with her. I'm guessing she will spend the first half of the day with me since her friends don't wake up until 1:00PM, and then I'm ushered out the door. It's so difficult raising them to be self-sufficient, and going from the center of their universe to just a small part of it once they are "grown" and have gained some independence -- although … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #88


Happy Friday everyone!!! As we speak I am having new carpet installed! Yay!!! You have no idea how badly it was needed. For the last week, we have been moving all of the furniture in the basement to the upper floor, ripping up carpet, and finding new homes for all of my "to do" pieces of furniture. Not so fun. I am working like crazy finishing up a desk for a client, and then I'm starting on a ginormous china cabinet that I don't want to have to haul back down the stairs again. It … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #87


Happy Friday everyone!!! My New Year's resolution was to get back to eating healthy and start hauling my butt back to the gym ... just like everyone else in America. ¬†Unfortunately, a couple of days after Christmas I came down with the worst case of strep throat ever, which lasted for over two freaking weeks -- during which I thought I was going to die. Now that I am finally well again, I decided this would be the week I would start on my goal. This week has been full of time logged at … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #86


Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope you all had a great week! Mine was a little chaotic. I was part of a furniture tour yesterday, but I was unable to start on my piece until Tuesday due to some projects for clients being due, so I knew I would be cutting it close. I painted all day Tuesday and Wednesday and finished a big dresser that I bought off of Craigslist a few months back. When I purchased the dresser the man had told me that the hardware was all in one of the drawers. So yesterday, … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #85


Happy Friday everyone!!! I'm pretty excited that Topher and the unnamed child have a three day weekend! He's going to help me build some shelving in my new laundry room! I don't mind getting down to work with the saws and nailguns, but he's the brains behind drawing-up the plans. I show him an example of what I want, and he does and the measuring and sketching it out. The unnamed child has been binge-watching seasons of "Friends", and of course I tend to get sucked in every time I walk by … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #84


Happy Friday everyone!!! Have you all been running around like me, trying to finish up buying those last few Christmas gifts? Have none of you started wrapping anything yet too? No? Well then it's just me then. Topher has the day off, and we are running some errands, cleaning, and working on projects. Jealous much? The unnamed child is taking her last finals as we speak, and then she is off for 18 days!! It will probably take her about that long to get her room clean. Today's … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #83


Happy Friday everyone!! It's a dreary, rainy day here in Wichita, and of course I have a ton of errands to do. Tonight is our big dinner that we host every year. I'll tell you a bit more about that next week, but let's just say I'm heading to the grocery store to get 7 lbs of bacon. My laundry room is finally painted, and I will hopefully get it all stenciled this weekend. I'm also working on several custom pieces that I have to get finished, and my giant china hutch sold in my booth, … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #82


Happy Friday everyone!!! This week has been a little crazy, I've been running around all week getting errands done, but as far as projects go ... not so hot. Today I am working on some mantels for a client and am working on my totally dismantled laundry room. This weekend, the unnamed child has an ACT Prep class and has to work, and we are having a BD party for my brother and sister-in-law since their birthdays are super close together. Hopefully I can get the rest of my Christmas … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #81


Happy Friday everyone!!! I think I'm finally over this yucky virus! It kind of knocked me on my butt, and now I'm super behind on everything. I'm determined to get all of the Christmas decor up this weekend, and I need to get started on a couple of other big projects -- like gutting my laundry room. I'm headed out to Vintage Market Days this morning to see what kind of new goodies I can find. It is darn cold out, so I plan on doing some major bundling-up. Do you know the most exciting … [Read more...]