Turquoise Ombre Painted Dresser


Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope you had a great weekend!  I spent mine painting. I did achieve a major accomplishment though -- I actually cleaned my paint studio!  It was a total pit: pieces of sandpaper, tools, knobs, and drawer handles were everywhere.  I organized things, and I even vacuumed it! Now I can actually see the floor, so, hopefully, it should be easier to work in there. Which is good since I am getting ready to move a giant dresser in for my next project. Sadly, school … [Read more...]

Roughed Up and the Yellow End Table


Happy Monday!!! Hope you guys had a great weekend! Mine was fairly boring, but I sit here starting the week a little beaten up (but with a yellow end table makeover). Saturday morning, we visited some yard sales, so there wasn't a lot of sleep (I did get some great old books, an antique chair, and a fun little table though); lots of time spent bent over painting, and my back is angry; so much distressing that I have blisters and no skin left on multiple fingers; and the virus the unnamed … [Read more...]

Don’t Try This at Home!


Alright guys, I am going to tell you this for your own good because I never want what happened to me to happen to you. It can scar you for life. First of all, let me say that I know that I'm aging. It's a cold, hard fact people. At 37, I look in the mirror and can see some fine lines starting and some hollowing underneath my eyes. I know that the skin under my chin isn't quite as tight as it used to be, but overall it could be worse. Until the other day, the worse arrived. … [Read more...]

Seeing Spots (Pink Polka-Dot Table)


Happy April Fools Day everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter! Ours was small and simple, just us, my parents and my brother and sister in law. A nice dinner, perfect weather, and a relaxing day. I ate way too much yesterday, and then I burned zero calories by watching my TIVOed Dancing With The Stars and Grey's Anatomy. The child that wishes to remain anonymous has cheer tryouts this week, and clinic starts today. Just so you know, I will be a nervous wreck by Friday. I am back to … [Read more...]

Turquoise Nightstand Makeover Times Two


It's a cold, and soon to be wet, Spring Break here in Kansas -- which, sadly, is pretty normal. We are even supposed to have snow for the first day of Spring, so it looks like there will be no tanning-in-warmth-of-the-sun for the child that wishes to remain anonymous. We did take a quick minivacation to Kansas City for a few days and took in some fun shopping and consumed a staggering amount calories including lots of pasta, bread and cupcakes. Looks like the kiddo and I will be spending … [Read more...]

Roll With It

Wallpaper Lamp

While at a yard sale last summer, I came across something unusual. I found a heavy, dense cylinder with a raised pattern consisting of strange, symmetrical shapes and nubbins all over it. It had holes on each end and someone had attached a lamp base to the bottom. Definitely something unique. Intrigued, I asked the owner if she could tell me anything about these one-of-a-kind, heinous-yet-filled-with-potential  lamps. … [Read more...]

Book Page Wreath Tutorial

www.restorationredoux.com - Book Page Wreath

Hey Guys! A few months ago I posted a picture of a book page wreath I made. Since then, I have received lots of requests for me to do a tutorial on how to make one. Ask and ye shall receive. This is not a hard project, but it is a time-consuming one. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to complete this wreath. … [Read more...]

DIY cabinet chalkboard

www.restorationredoux.com cabinetdoor

Topher and I were out late last night at a Christmas party so I didn't have time for a long post. This one is short and sweet. Over the summer, I bought two plain-as-can-be kitchen cabinet doors at a church rummage sale for 50 cents. I wasn't sure what I planned to do with them, but it looked like a bargain, so I picked them up. Sorry ... I forgot to take a before picture, so here is a photo after I started painting. … [Read more...]

Step It Up


In the last post I made about the kick boxing class I took, I made have a quick comment about me possibly attempting a step class also. After receiving many inquiries on the results of that venture, I have decided to give you all the gory details (and yes folks, I know you are laughing at me, not with me because I'm not laughing). On the bright side this was a few years back, so it wasn't a recent humiliation. I wanted to take a class at the Y, but being coordinationally challenged I … [Read more...]