Decoupaged Funky Desk Makeover


Hi everyone! Sorry I've been a little MIA this week. I've been a little under the weather, so all projects had come to a halt. I'm starting to feel slightly human again, which means I will have a fun new project for you tomorrow ... and don't forget our Best Of DIY linky party tomorrow night at 8 pm Central! 27 amazing bloggers posting their best DIY projects is right up my alley! Speaking of alleys, that's where I got this desk. I found it on Craigslist under the free … [Read more...]

A Break Up Letter (and a vintage secretary makeover)

Secretary SideView

Dear cold weather- I am sorry to say ... I am ready to break up with you.  I can not deal with your wicked ways any longer. I am a summer girl. Shorts. Yard sales. Being able to walk the pups. No school. And the shaved ice place up the street. That's the type of weather I'm looking for.  No.  That's the type of weather I need. I do not like having to wear a coat just to go to the mailbox, or having to listen to the unnamed child gripe about having to scrape the frost from her windows in the … [Read more...]

Child’s Painted Desk


The unnamed child returned to school last week. So far, so good -- except that she has a an enormous amount of homework, and she has only been in school for 4 days. She is taking Modern World History and Ancient World History at the same time, so how she knows what century she is in is beyond me. She is also taking the hardest math class offered in high school. Since math has never been my strong suit, I definitely am unable to help her with Statistics and Trig. I'm pretty sure she … [Read more...]

I’m In The BLOGLIGHT!!!!!


Welcome to Restoration Redoux! If you're a regular, than you might be asking what exactly is this The Bloglight? Hometalk is an amazing online community of bloggers and nonbloggers talking about home improvement, DIY, and everything in between. At Hometalk you can share DIY projects, comment on posts, and follow people. I'm a Hometalk junkie. I have posted 41 projects in the 3 months since I discovered the site! There are people of all levels, posting projects and asking questions. Every week … [Read more...]

My Marathon (and a Grey Vintage Desk)


Happy Monday everyone!! I had a busy weekend full of painting and cleaning up filthy furniture rescued from barns and sheds, not so fun ... but on the upside I found out it was the General Hospital 50th Anniversary marathon. From Saturday night to Monday morning, SoapNet was airing 50 hours of "vintage" General Hospital episodes. The downside was, I don't have the SoapNet channel.   :( So I called up my cable company and found out it would be an extra $10 a month. So I did some … [Read more...]

Sweetie’s story


Until a couple of years ago my parents had lived their entire married life never having owned a dog. Both of them liked dogs, but never really had any desire to own one. Three years ago, I was volunteering at my local Humane Society when I came across a case that broke my heart. This grey mess of a dog was brought in so horribly matted and overgrown she barely even resembled a dog. She had been found wandering the streets and had obviously just given birth to puppies.  But it was her eyes … [Read more...]

Bad Medicine


The snow is actually starting to melt here, and for the first time in a while there's no more accumulation predicted in the forecast. That's a great thing since the pups and I are much happier  when we have warm weather and sunlight. Speaking of pups, my normal readers know I am at the vet's office more often than Lindsay Lohan is in court -- which is saying a lot. Yesterday was no exception. Gracie was in a scuffle with the neighbor's dog and needed some anti-inflammatories, Charlie needed … [Read more...]

Restoration Redoux’s Top Ten Projects of the Year!!!!! - White Dresser

Since we are about to start off a new year, I thought I would reflect on this year's favorite posts. When I first started reading other DIY blogs, I have to admit I was a bit intimidated. Every project they did looked so perfect. When there was a tutorial, a lot of them used terms or techniques I wasn't familiar with, and so I would never try them. I was searching for a blog that brought it down to a beginner's level. I wanted one that would say "Hey, I'm no expert, but this is what did or … [Read more...]

Say Cheese!


While putting up the Christmas decorations today (yay!), we somehow got on the topic of snow -- which took us back to the first time my hubby took our unnamed daughter sledding. She must have been around five or six, and she had her first loose tooth (it will soon become clear why I associate those two events).  And that front tooth was really, really loose -- at that nasty point where it was just hanging by a thread, but she refused to pull it. It just so happened, that day was the first … [Read more...]

The beginning

Ok, I'm officially starting my own blog. I'm not sure when I'm going to have time to do it or who is going to be interested in reading it, but here goes.About six months ago, I started buying vintage furniture, redoing it, and then selling it on craigslist. I put the first piece on having no expectations of anyone really buying it. They did though, and lots more since then.I have sold every piece I have finished and am getting decent prices for it. People keep telling me I'm selling things too … [Read more...]