Plaster Paint Vintage Mirror Makeover


Happy Labor Day everyone!! I know many of you will be out at the pool or enjoying your last trip to the lake. Today, I have vowed to only work a total of 2 hours! Gasp! I know! I worked Saturday and Sunday, so I decided today I'm going to enjoy at least half of the day. I think the kid talked us into going to see If I Stay. She didn't have to twist my arm too much -- Topher, on the other hand, is not sharing our enthusiasm. Saturday we grilled out for my dad's birthday party and … [Read more...]

Decoupaged Vintage Child’s Dresser


    Today is Thursday, and where I live that means today is garage sale day. Yes, garage sales are also on Friday and Saturday, but the majority of the sales start on Thursday. That means I wrote this post last night, and as you are reading this, I am probably out making the rounds -- knocking over old people trying to get all the good stuff. Just kidding, I only knock over the people my own age and younger. So as you are getting ready for your day, I am bargaining … [Read more...]

Ivory Two-Toned Dresser


Happy Monday!!  I hope you had a great weekend! We had a fun BBQ over at a friend's house Friday night.  Saturday, we took the pups to get groomed, and then we had a wedding to attend that evening. Thank goodness it wasn't an outdoor wedding because it was in the triple digits here.  Sunday was full of cleaning and painting. I was feeling a little blue on Sunday as it was the one year anniversary of the wreck that lead to my aunt's death. There have been so many times over this last year … [Read more...]

How to Make Waxing Furniture Easier with a Giveaway


I've got a new furniture makeover for you!!!  And a giveaway!!!! I've been working on this beast of a dresser for a while now, so I'm so happy that the unveiling is now here!! I found this dresser, and a mate, off Craigslist last winter. On the ad, there weren't any dimensions, but Topher had a giant SUV, so we knew they should both easily fit. The guy from the ad also said he would be there to help lift them if needed. When we arrived at his house (which was gorgeous by the … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Mirror Makeover


We are going to travel back in time today to one of the very first makeover pieces. It was a ginormous, ugly, Mediterranean dresser I found off Craigslist. The one my hubby told me was "total crap", and to "just walk away", and "it smells really bad" (OK ... I'll give him that last one)? Then when we nearly killed ourselves loading up this incredibly heavy thing, in 100 degree heat -- he gave me the death glare? Then when the car started stinking like rotten eggs, he muttered at me … [Read more...]

Client’s Bedroom Makeover

Photo Aug 06, 9 31 13 PM

I'm very excited for today's post! Over the past year, selling all sorts of furniture pieces, I've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few amazing people.  One of my favorites is a client (now a friend) named Teresa.  Teresa brought me a piece to do.  And then one more.  And then another.  And another.  Together, we've been able to put together a pretty amazing, one-of-a-kind guest bedroom -- and she recently sent me pictures now that it's almost complete. … [Read more...]

Black Antique Dresser


I am working in overdrive this week my friends.  Next week I am off to Atlanta for a blogging conference, and I have about a million things to do before I go: I have a few furniture projects I hope to reveal later this week and next; I have my two "contributor posts" to finish (I have an opportunity to participate, once a month, in writing for a couple of amazing blogs); I have several custom pieces with looming deadlines; I need to create something called a media kit (a packet of … [Read more...]

Pink Striped Antique Dresser (and how I might die)


Yesterday I told you about  dragging-out my totally 90's workout videos and how they were so much harder than I remembered.  Granted, I was 18 the last time I did them -- but still. Thanks to all of you who have emailed me today checking to make sure I was still alive after yesterday's workout. Just so you know, my fingers are about the only part of my body that doesn't hurt. I rolled over in bed this morning, and blasts of white hot pain shot through my abs, butt, and shoulders.  Holy … [Read more...]

Grey Headboard Makeover and What the Heck’s Valley Swirl?


Now that school is out, the unnamed child and I have been spending more time together, and I have hired her to help me with my furniture business for the summer. When you are 15, and saving for a car, you take work where you can get it. So far it's been a success -- we haven't even tried to kill each other once (the summer has just started mind you). The other day, we were talking about stories of when she was little. There was one night when Topher and I were exhausted from work, and we were … [Read more...]