Buffet Gallery Wall

It’s been a busy week so far around here.

Being in DC last week has put me behind on all of my projects, and I have family coming in town today and staying through the week. I’m super excited they are coming, but it means the last minute scramble of getting my house in order.

Constantly staging furniture for photos means that your house is constantly in pieces from tearing your normal decor down and stealing pieces from here and there. So my buffet really hadn’t been put back together since my Easter decorations were up, so I knew it finally had to be done.

For Mother’s Day, I received this pink deer head (which I am totally in love with), so I knew this was the perfect home for it.

I took some old mirrors I picked up at yard sales and a bust I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and I threw it all together.

I am really happy with how it turned out!

I still have half a day left until my family arrives, so we will see what I can throw together in a few hours tomorrow!

Buffet Gallery Wall

Shutter Gallery Wall



  1. joy says

    Shanna your famiky will just love your house!!!
    It will be soooo fun to hear their comments of “excitement” over your ooh la laing!!! The huffet arragement is great! Tomorrow a gf from Newton who is in much need of some gf time is picking me up and we are yard saling in Wichita….cant wait to see what we find!! Sorry for typos….splattered straight bleech in my right eye yesterday!!! got to slooow down!!

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