Parisian Painted Side Table


Happy Hump Day everyone! It's a pretty gloomy, rainy day here, but I planned on staying inside to paint anyway. I'm going to put a roast on the stove and stay in my comfy painting sweats -- and may even take a few snuggle breaks with the pups now and then. I've been starting to bring my laptop into my studio while I work, and I have been watching some movies on Netflix. I don't spend a lot of time picking them out, so I have just been randomly clicking on movies and hoping for the … [Read more...]

Stenciled Side Table


You know where I had my break up with old man winter the other day? Well he's like that old boyfriend you had in high school that you broke up with, but he wouldn't take no for an answer.  It is freezing here with torrential winds and tons of rain for the last two days. Topher was out of town for the first half of the week, so there was a bit more on my plate than usual, and with my new booth space opening next week my to do list is a mile long. One thing I can cross off my list was this … [Read more...]

Shine Big, Shine Small – Modern Masters Table Makeover


Hello my friends! Is it as cold where you are as it is here?  I know a lot of my blogging buddies out East are snowed-in today. As you all know, I am not a fan of the cold, but it does force me to stay inside and get some painting done. One type of paint I haven't worked with too often are metallics, so when the lovely people over at Modern Masters sent me some metallic paint to try out, I was super excited. I found this little table at a yard sale last summer for $5. I didn't have a plan … [Read more...]

Deer Head Stenciled Side Table


Happy Humpday everyone! I know it's only Wednesday, but I am so ready for this cold week to be over. I guess I now have the motivation to work out ... just so that I can warm up. Running a furniture business,  I like to try out various new techniques and finishes. Sometimes, I can stare at a piece for quite a while wondering what sort of transformation it needs.  What sort of finish can I give it while still making it stand apart from the rest. When I found this table (a neighbor had … [Read more...]

Aqua Chevron Striped Table


Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope you all had a great weekend! It was so beautiful here! I took the pups on walks, got shoes for the unnamed child to wear to Homecoming, went to visit my new little niece (who is ridiculously adorable), picked up an amazing old door off Craigslist, and finished a table. Topher (my hubby for new readers), on the other hand, went and ran the Tough Mudder. He's finished a number of "mud runs" before, but this is a 12 mile race full of insane obstacles (which I … [Read more...]

Guest Posting on Simply Designing


Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope you all had a good weekend! Mine, as promised, was spent painting.  I have a fun dresser makeover for you coming up in a couple of days! I managed to pop over to a small outdoor flea market on Saturday for a bit and bought a couple of fun things. I will be posting pics of them on my Instagram account today. A few weeks back, I told you how excited I was to be chosen as a contributor on Simply Designing. I will be featuring a craft or furniture project there … [Read more...]

The Guy Who Kept Me Up All Night (and an ivory end table)


Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope you had a good weekend! I have a productive weekend going through my task list: I painted ... all weekend long -- and just to add some excitement I cleaned too. Wow, how my weekends have changed through the years. As I promised you Friday, I do have a furniture reveal for you today. After a long weekend of working, I was ready to crash last night. For some reason I couldn't fall asleep though. I lay there forever and I finally got up and read for a … [Read more...]

One More Reason I Hate the Gym (and an Antique Yellow Table)


Remember when I said I was going to start going back to the gym again? Well ... I have been, which is a start -- but just not as often as I should.  With summer right around the corner, I have got to kick it into gear, people! Yesterday, I had to drive one of my unnamed child's friends home from school, and we had to go down a very bumpy dirt road. I glanced down at my legs, and the amount of jiggling that was resonating from them was mortifying -- like two jello-filled water balloons … [Read more...]

Mo Money, Mo Problems (and the Aqua Chalky Painted Table)

Mo Money, Mo Problems

Last week, the child that wishes to remain anonymous and I were watching a TV show about ridiculously wealthy teenagers living disgustingly excessive lives. They were driving $100,000 cars at 16 and having $2 million sweet-sixteen birthday parties. My daughter was saying how life would be perfect if she had as much money as they did. We then made lists of what money could and couldn't buy. Last week I shared with you our list of what it could buy. Here is our list of what money can't … [Read more...]

Dr. Dolittle (and the little grey nightstand)


Last week, poor Gracie had to go to the vet and get four of her teeth pulled. Two were abscessed, and one of those had three roots ... so they had to remove the tooth in sections. The poor Muffin has had bad teeth from day one -- I guess that's not an uncommon issue in poodle. Each year we take her for her annual cleaning, and more teeth have to come out. So now she only has four teeth left on the top! She was in a world of hurt all weekend, and they sent up home with drugs a decent supply … [Read more...]