Why Ya Gotta Be So Mean? (and a Wine Cork Bulletin Board)


You know how in high school there was always a group of mean kids?  The ones that picked on people for no reason in particular, other than just being hateful?  It could be over the smallest things:  the way someone wore their hair that day, or that they didn't have the coolest shoes on, or just the fact that the person was too tall, short, skinny or fat. Making others feel bad made them feel good. Well, I hate to say that ...  some people just never grow out of that bullying phase. You all … [Read more...]

Patriotic Flower Wreath

Patriotic Flower Wreath

Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope you all had a great weekend!  I did some cleaning, worked on a couple of dressers, and I continued my Operation: Get A Life  by hosting a fun little birthday party for my mom Sunday night. I could have slaved half of the day away making her a fancy dessert that may or may not have turned out right in the end, but I said screw it and went to Village Inn and bought a yummy pie. The unnamed child and I are halfway through season 4 on Grey's Anatomy.  If my life … [Read more...]

How to Make a Moss-Covered Wedding Cake


Love is in the air.  For a lot of people that is. Did you know that more weddings take place in June than any other month? In fact, Toper and I got married June 7th about a million years ago. It wasn't the ideal day weather wise.  I had this massive dress on, it was incredibly hot, and when we went outdoors for photos my hairspray was attracting a large swarm of bees. You know how some people have a gift for picking out dresses and hairstyles that are timeless, and their wedding picture … [Read more...]

French Decoupaged Bottles


I've got a treat for you today! One of my best blogging buddies Jen from Girl in the Garage is here to show you an easy way to turn something you have ready for the garbage into a pretty vase for the summer. Jen is a furniture upcycler just like myself so if you get a chance you really do need to check out her fabulous makeovers. Hi everyone! This is Jen from Girl in the Garage sharing a simple DIY project with you today. (Thanks for having me, Shanna!) I wanted some new decor for summer so I … [Read more...]

Plastic Soda Bottle Puggy Bank


I've got a big treat for you today!!! My uber talented friend from Stow and Tell U is visiting today. Amy never fails to amaze me with her creative projects. She blogs about everything from craft projects to travel. Make sure you head over to her site and give her some love. Speaking of love, I am so in love with her Puggy Banks. They would make sure a fun summer craft for the kiddos! Hi All. I'm Amy and I blog over at Stow and Tell U. I'm so glad to be here, today, while Shanna is off in … [Read more...]

Easy Summer Burlap Wreath

Easy Burlap Wreath

Welcome to the All Things Home Elements of Summer Tour! All week, 35 bloggers will be bringing their best summer themed projects.  I have a linky party down below showcasing their amazing projects! To me, summer screams bright, fun colors. Since I painted my front door a pretty jade green this year, I also have to have something that coordinates with that. So I decided to make a burlap wreath with a bright pink pop of color! You might find this hard to believe, but this is my first … [Read more...]

Flower Filled 3-D Letters (and an invitation to get buff)

Flower Filled 3-D Letters

It's Thursday here ... well actually it's Wednesday night, but since I will be up going to yard sales at 6 am on Thursday, I am writing this the night before. If you saw my post from yesterday (actually today -- but yesterday to you), you saw my post on Vintage Chic Wedding Shower ideas. One of my favorites were the flower filled 3-D letters. I picked-up these cardboard letters at Jo-Anns. I think they were around $4 a piece, but I used my 40% off coupons so they weren't too … [Read more...]

Bunny Silhouette Painted Mason Jar


Happy Friday everyone!!! It's been a typical, crazy week around here. I had custom pieces I had to finish up for clients, furniture pieces for the booth to finish up, and yesterday was Topher's 40th birthday! I asked him whether or not he wanted a big party, but he declined. So we went out to his favorite Mexican restaurant, came back home, opened gifts, and then had his favorite lemon pie. Yesterday was the first day it has been warm enough here to go to yard sales, and I ended up with a … [Read more...]

Crepe Paper Easter Basket

Crepe-Paper-Easter -Basket

Today is a good day my friends! Spring has finally sprung here in Kansas, and I get a much needed haircut. I feel like going for a big change, but I have two trips coming up in the next couple of months, and I'm not sure if I want to take the risk. The last time I did a major change to my hair (I really chopped it short), I hated it. You would think having long hair would be a lot more work than short hair, but that is NOT the case! When it's long, I can just throw it up in a bun or a … [Read more...]

Striped Easter Rabbit Silhouette


As you all know I have been a little behind on the Easter decor since I have been getting ready to open my new furniture space.  Topher and I have been running around like crazy people painting, driving back and forth, and hauling all my pieces down there. The good news is it opens today!! It is called RElove All Things Shabby and is at 515 N Woodlawn, at the corner of Central and Woodlawn for all of you locals. You will know mine right away as it is the turquoise striped booth (I will try to … [Read more...]