Bunny Silhouette Painted Mason Jar


Happy Friday everyone!!! It's been a typical, crazy week around here. I had custom pieces I had to finish up for clients, furniture pieces for the booth to finish up, and yesterday was Topher's 40th birthday! I asked him whether or not he wanted a big party, but he declined. So we went out to his favorite Mexican restaurant, came back home, opened gifts, and then had his favorite lemon pie. Yesterday was the first day it has been warm enough here to go to yard sales, and I ended up with a … [Read more...]

Crepe Paper Easter Basket

Crepe-Paper-Easter -Basket

Today is a good day my friends! Spring has finally sprung here in Kansas, and I get a much needed haircut. I feel like going for a big change, but I have two trips coming up in the next couple of months, and I'm not sure if I want to take the risk. The last time I did a major change to my hair (I really chopped it short), I hated it. You would think having long hair would be a lot more work than short hair, but that is NOT the case! When it's long, I can just throw it up in a bun or a … [Read more...]

Striped Easter Rabbit Silhouette


As you all know I have been a little behind on the Easter decor since I have been getting ready to open my new furniture space.  Topher and I have been running around like crazy people painting, driving back and forth, and hauling all my pieces down there. The good news is it opens today!! It is called RElove All Things Shabby and is at 515 N Woodlawn, at the corner of Central and Woodlawn for all of you locals. You will know mine right away as it is the turquoise striped booth (I will try to … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Trees


Do you remember on Friday, when I told you how excited I was that we were going to have our first Spring Break here in a million years with beautiful weather? Well, apparently Mr Weatherman is a big fat liar:  Friday was nice out, and the first half of Saturday ... then it got cold and started pouring rain (which then turned into hail for a good portion of the day). Then Sunday, it was freezing -- as in Shanna-could-not-use-her-paint-sprayer-like-she-planned-to freezing.  Yesterday, it was in … [Read more...]

Easter Peeps Wreath


When I was little, my grandma would buy all of us grandkids Peeps for our Easter baskets. Remember Peeps? Those little sugar-covered marshmallows, shaped like little chicks? As a kid, I was obsessed with them, and now they make my teeth hurt just looking at them. Even though you couldn't pay me to eat them today, I still get a feeling of nostalgia when I see them in the store. When I was at Michael's a few weeks ago, I saw little boxes of what looked like fuzzy little peeps, and I … [Read more...]

Birdcage Floral Arrangement

Birdcage Floral Arrangement

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! I hope you are doing something romantic with your Valentine today. If you are valentine-less this year, I hope you did something nice for yourself. Topher and I are doing our normal V-Day routine: I make dinner at home, we exchange gifts, and then we have a house full of teenagers over. It doesn't get more romantic than that. Actually, we just hate to fight the crowds at the restaurants and movie theaters, so we usually wait until Sunday night to go out … [Read more...]

Burlap Topiary

Black Burlap Topiary

I've mentioned in my posts earlier this week that I will be teaching a Hometalk/Michael's Pinterest Party class at the east side Michael's this Sunday 1-4 pm. The class is totally free -- all you need to do is buy your supplies and meet me in the classroom! There will be multiple projects to choose from, and feel free to put your own spin on it! Two of the projects are my Birds Nest Chalk Banner Wreath and my Flower Topiary. Today's Burlap Topiary will be another! Here is what you will … [Read more...]

Birds Nest Chalk Banner Wreath


With all of this cold weather and snow we have been having, I have been craving Spring. Frankly ... I'm over winter. The pups have frustrated looks on their faces from their lack of walks. I am much more likely to get to the gym if I don't have to drive through a foot of snow to get there. I want to be able to go to the grocery store without having to wash the car after each trip. And I really can't wait for the day I can walk down to the mailbox without having to put on my "winter shoes" … [Read more...]

Super Easy Heart Pom Pom Pillows


Today, I thought I would share my super easy Heart Pom Pom Pillows with you! They are perfect for a little girl's room or as a Valentine's Day gift. All you need are some old pillows (or pillow covers), a hot glue gun, and some felt. I picked-up these pillow covers at Hobby Lobby for $9.99 each, but I used their online 40% off coupons which made them a bit better. I then inserted a couple of old pillows that I had laying around, and then went to work. … [Read more...]

Ruffle Trim Heart


Happy Friday everyone!!! Thank you all so much for such a great response to my Valentine's Day Home Tour! I did have a lot of requests for tutorials on my rag garland, PomPom Heart Pillow, V-Day Topiaries, and my Ruffle Trim Heart.  Today I am here with the Ruffle Trim Heart -- and the others will be coming next week. It has been a brutally cold week with two snow days for the unnamed child (which she was super excited about). We have a huge hill (by Kansas standards) by our house, and she … [Read more...]