Pinterest Party Friday!!! #55


Happy Friday everyone!!! It most definitely does not feel like Spring here in Kansas! Yesterday it was freezing with crazy wind, and it doesn't look like it's going to be too much warmer today, but at least the sun is supposed to come out. I have been a busy bee around here, trying to finish up more projects for my booth. I have been working on one mammoth of a dresser, and I finally finished all of the eight giant drawers last night. Now I just have to distress the shell and wax the whole … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday!!!


Happy Friday everyone!!! Have you ever had one of those weeks where you've been so busy that you don't even realize what day it is anymore? Well ... that's been this week for me. Hubby out of town + getting ready to open a new furniture booth + the kid and I having six different kinds of appointments to go to this week = an anxiety filled sleep deprived haggard looking me. I only have to survive this way until the shop opens on Tuesday, and then I am going to sleep for a week. Topher … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday!!!!


Happy Pinterest Party Friday!!! We are kicking off Spring Break here in Kansas today!! For the first time in I don't know how many years, it is going to be good weather for Spring Break! It never fails, it is always gorgeous the week before, and then the week of Spring Break it is cold, or rainy, or both. The new shop I will be putting my furniture pieces in opens April 1st, so I am seriously running out of time to get some more projects completed. You always know when I am working on … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday!!!


Happy Pinterest Party Friday everyone!!! There has been actual sunshine in Kansas for the last two days!!! Today, the high is going to be 55 degrees!!  Tomorrow they are calling for snow :( and then back up to 57 on Sunday. What in the world? I have a busy weekend ahead of me -- since I get to start moving my furniture pieces into a storefront a week from now! Go ahead and take a guess of how many pieces I have ready to move in there? Two.   Yes you heard me.  Out of a whole booth … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday!!!


Happy Pinterest Party Friday!!! With the weather fluctuating like crazy, once again the poor unnamed child is suffering from terrible migraines. I have given her some of my migraine medication, and since she has been staggering around here like a zombie, she certainly hasn't been able to go to school. Poor kid. I'm so ready for Spring I can't even tell you, but it looks like we are getting a mega ice storm this weekend instead. My little niece is getting baptized on Sunday, and Topher … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday!!!


Happy Pinterest Party Friday everyone!!! It's been a bipolar weather week here in Kansas.  We went from beautiful, to cold, to windy, back to beautiful again. I'll take the warmer weather whenever I can get it though. I actually have a weekend where I don't have to scramble to finish projects to make a deadline. That hasn't happened in a very long time my friends. The unnamed teenager and her friends are actually staying over at someone else's house tomorrow, so maybe Topher and I will … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday!!!


Happy Pinterest Party Friday everyone!!! It's been a busy week getting ready for next week's Valentine's Day Home Tour. This week we had the Yarn Heart Wreath, the Flower Art, my Modern Masters Metallic Table Makeover, and my Vintage Bookpage Heart Wreath. If that isn't enough V-day projects ... hold on to your hats for next week. My weekend will be pretty typical, crafting, painting and having a bunch of teenagers here to make sure I don't sleep at all. Let's also throw in making a … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday!!!!


Happy Pinterest Party Friday!!! It's a cold Friday here in Kansas, but from what some of my readers in Minnesota have been telling me, this is nothing like it is there! It's been a busy week here. I have two painted projects that I am working on that will be revealed on the 28th. I am also still getting things together for my Valentine's Day home tour. After all of the planning takes place, I then have to run all over town getting my supplies. I think I'm going to start a delivery … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday!!!!


Happy Pinterest Party Friday everyone!!! It's cold here today! I'm so over winter. Thank goodness it's supposed to warm back up on Saturday. After weeks of cold weather, I am going to paint my dining set. Normally when I paint, the weather isn't a factor since I paint indoors; however, this is a large set and chairs are really sucky to paint by hand, so I am going to spray this set. Between that and starting some new, fun Valentine's Day projects, I should be pretty busy. On to this … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday!!!


Happy Pinterest Party Friday everyone!!! This week certainly flew by! I've been painting like a maniac, and I should have a great project ready for you on Monday. This weekend, I am finishing up some projects, working on getting my house ready for an up coming Valentines Day home tour, and tonight I am having a house full of teenagers. On a sad note, my parents' cat (which was originally mine) had to be put down last night. I brought her home with me 20 years ago. She had a wonderful … [Read more...]