Pinterest Party Friday #72


Happy Pinterest Party Friday!! Wow, this week flew by! Probably because I had deadlines to meet! Today, I am stenciling a coffee table and painting a mirror ... so not too bad of a day. We have been eating out all week, so I absolutely have to go to the grocery store because I think we are all pretty sick of takeout. The family is coming over to celebrate my dad's birthday, so I better get to planning a menu for that too. Does anyone else struggle with what to get their dad for his … [Read more...]

Decoupaged Vintage Child’s Dresser


    Today is Thursday, and where I live that means today is garage sale day. Yes, garage sales are also on Friday and Saturday, but the majority of the sales start on Thursday. That means I wrote this post last night, and as you are reading this, I am probably out making the rounds -- knocking over old people trying to get all the good stuff. Just kidding, I only knock over the people my own age and younger. So as you are getting ready for your day, I am bargaining … [Read more...]

Ivory Two-Toned Dresser


Happy Monday!!  I hope you had a great weekend! We had a fun BBQ over at a friend's house Friday night.  Saturday, we took the pups to get groomed, and then we had a wedding to attend that evening. Thank goodness it wasn't an outdoor wedding because it was in the triple digits here.  Sunday was full of cleaning and painting. I was feeling a little blue on Sunday as it was the one year anniversary of the wreck that lead to my aunt's death. There have been so many times over this last year … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #71


Happy Pinterest Party Friday!!! Do you remember the desk and dresser from hell I was telling you about last week? Yeah, well they continued to torture me again this week. The desk, is finally completed and DebbieDoos is featuring it on her site today. The dresser (my nemesis) is still in the works. It's going to be a two-toned piece, and the drawers are finished and look beautiful. The body not so much. Let's just say there was a huge milkpaint disaster ... which had me start all over … [Read more...]

French Stenciled TV Console


Does it seem like everywhere you go right now, every woman you see is pregnant?  It seems like there must be something in the water over in my neck of the woods because I am doing custom nursery projects out the ying yang! (Note to self: Do NOT drink the water).  First, congratulations!  Second, if you need a changing table, I can help...  Third, if you need a snuggler for the baby, I can help there too.  Fourth, I'm still not drinking the water! The Unnamed Child babysat and dog sat all … [Read more...]

Easy Wall Art


Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend! Saturday was my little niece's 1st birthday party! I can't believe it's already been a year.  She had a lemonade stand party, and her mom did an awesome job!  I got totally sidetracked when I got there and forgot to take pictures, so hopefully my sister-in-law took some, and I will share them with you later this week. After we got home from the party, I did some painting on this desk from hell that I have been working on forever, and then … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #70


Happy Pinterest Party Friday!!! Do you ever have those weeks where you feel like you worked your tail off but got nothing accomplished? That was me this week. The unnamed child started school yesterday (she was not thrilled). Monday through Wednesday, we were running around getting her haircut, school clothes, school supplies, etc. Then yesterday I felt a little icky and had a fever. So, I took the time to get caught up on emails, comments and other computer stuff. So project-wise … [Read more...]

Giraffes, and Kangaroos, and Zebras … Oh My!

Photo Jul 20, 10 21 32 AM

My mom and the unnamed child have always had a very close relationship. Sleepovers at mimi's meant homemade cookies, putting on their swimsuits and getting in the jacuzzi tub while sipping cocktails (orange juice) in champagne glasses, and staying up late watching tv together. Even as a teenager, it hasn't been uncommon for her to go stay the night over at Mimi's. They even watch the same tv shows (Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, The Originals). I'm pretty sure my mom just watches them, so she … [Read more...]

Wine Cork Letters


Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend! I spent mine working on projects, thinking I would have them all completed by Sunday night ... but it seemed like one disaster after another struck. Here it is Tuesday, and none of them are finished yet. On Movie Night, we ended-up watching Divergent (which was good), and while channel surfing, I discovered My Big Family Renovation which I am really getting into. There was one project that got finished. Do you remember me telling … [Read more...]

Pinterest Party Friday #69


Happy Friday everyone!!  My gosh where did this week go? We got a bit more back to school clothes shopping accomplished, but haven't bought one thing as far as school supplies go! Although in high school they don't need as much as the little kids do, so you save money there. The clothes and college classes are more expensive though. The unnamed child is once again taking AP English and has known all summer that she had to read two big books and write essays on them. She starts school in … [Read more...]