Restoration Redoux’s Top Ten Projects of the Year!!!!! - White Dresser

Since we are about to start off a new year, I thought I would reflect on this year's favorite posts. When I first started reading other DIY blogs, I have to admit I was a bit intimidated. Every project they did looked so perfect. When there was a tutorial, a lot of them used terms or techniques I wasn't familiar with, and so I would never try them. I was searching for a blog that brought it down to a beginner's level. I wanted one that would say "Hey, I'm no expert, but this is what did or … [Read more...]

Felt Wreath Tutorial - Felt Wreath

While in between projects yesterday, I decided to put my crafty skills to use. I wanted to make a wreath for my door for Christmas, but time got away from me, and it just never happened. I decided to make one that I could use the rest of the winter. This wreath is definitely at a beginner level, it just takes a little time. Here is what you need: 2 yards of felt material I used white, but you could use any color. I got mine at Hancock Fabric and uploaded their 50 % off coupon onto my phone … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from Restoration Redoux!!!


Merry Christmas from Restoration Redoux! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day! This year, with all of my big projects all due by Christmas Eve, I didn't get around to getting any Christmas cards sent out.  Therefore, I thought I would share with you last year's Christmas card. Now trying to get a teenager and three dogs all looking at the camera at the same time was a bit challenging. One hundred, forty four camera clicks later, this was the winner. … [Read more...]

Christmas Top 10 tree

Since Christmas is literally right around the corner, I thought I would share my top ten favorite things about Christmas: 1.  Christmas Music ... from Thanksgiving day to the last hour possible on Christmas day. Of course this makes Topher and the unnamed child insane, but they just have to suck it up. 2.  Willams Sonoma Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate, with their fantastic marshmallows. This is my dessert each night around Christmas time. … [Read more...]

Do I smell bacon? - Armoire

When we were discussing Christmas traditions last week, I forgot to mention an important one of mine. Growing up, my next door neighbors were like surrogate grandparents to my brother and me.  Both of my parents worked full time, and my brother and I would spend hours there. They were the original DIY'ers. They had huge gardens, June made her own clothes, and Cecil was an amazing wood worker. He would make amazing toy trains and little wooden dolls, and then June would sew their dresses and … [Read more...]

I Hug My Daughter A Little Tighter Today …

As you all know Christmas is my favorite holiday. While I love all the decorations and fun traditions, the best part of this holiday is spending time with my family. While I am looking forward to our time together, I am also so very saddened for the people that lost loved ones at Sandy Hook Elementary last week. I can't imagine being one of those parents, waking up on Christmas morning with no child running down the hall to see what Santa has brought. To know that a child had been robbed of … [Read more...]

Book Page Christmas Tree Tutorial

Happy Monday! Over the past few weeks, I've been working on some large furniture projects and I wanted a little break to keep my sanity in tact. I decided I needed a little more Christmas spirit, so I cranked up the Christmas music and made a tree out of old book pages. Let me warn you, it takes a bit of time:  about 2 hours. If you are sitting watching Christmas movies by the fire, this is a fairly easy project -- as long as you keep away from the fire. … [Read more...]

DIY cabinet chalkboard cabinetdoor

Topher and I were out late last night at a Christmas party so I didn't have time for a long post. This one is short and sweet. Over the summer, I bought two plain-as-can-be kitchen cabinet doors at a church rummage sale for 50 cents. I wasn't sure what I planned to do with them, but it looked like a bargain, so I picked them up. Sorry ... I forgot to take a before picture, so here is a photo after I started painting. … [Read more...]

Christmas Traditions tree

Well the countdown to Christmas is on! Just a few more shopping days left. The weather's getting colder, the stores are getting busier, and the parking lots are packed. I may have to brave the crowds one last time to get a few little details finished but other than that I am done. Topher and my unnamed child are getting a little weary of the non-stop Christmas music but they can deal with it because it makes me happy. As we were wrapping presents here the other night, we were talking … [Read more...]

DIY Bulletin Board bulletinboardafter

So you all know I have three dogs, Charlie, Gracie and LuLu and our cat kitten (her name will be explained another day). For a few hours each day I bring over Shelby, my neighbor's dog, so that she can have a little play time while her family is at work. We also have our stray outdoor cat Walter. Now Walter would live in our house if I had my way, but Topher is a fun sucker and drew the line at 4 animals. Anyway back to the story, the other day our little girl from next door came over, … [Read more...]