That’s not for sale…. - Snow Village

So I'm at Walmart ... a place I really, really try to avoid if possible. It's not that I don't enjoy a bargain.  I just have a tough time with all the other people there looking for bargains. Actually, I believe you can find the rudest people on the planet congregating in your local Walmart:  the people that are in the checkout line publicly ridiculing their children for everyone to hear, the woman that rams her cart into yours (or your leg) and then gawks at you like it was your fault for … [Read more...]

Step It Up

In the last post I made about the kick boxing class I took, I made have a quick comment about me possibly attempting a step class also. After receiving many inquiries on the results of that venture, I have decided to give you all the gory details (and yes folks, I know you are laughing at me, not with me because I'm not laughing). On the bright side this was a few years back, so it wasn't a recent humiliation. I wanted to take a class at the Y, but being coordinationally challenged I … [Read more...]

Aqua Painted Puppies

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We spent ours painting my unnamed daughter's bedroom. Before it was jaguar themed, since that's her high school's mascot. She wanted a jade green color on three walls and the remaining wall painted in chalkboard paint. We got the three green walls finished but the chalkboard wall will have to wait until next weekend. Here is the before: … [Read more...]



Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here is my little pilgrim who wishes to go unnamed when she was two years old. How the time flies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I have so much to be grateful for this year: family, friends, our health, my fur babies, and most recently, all of my readers! Thank you so much for coming back everyday and for all of your support and encouragement. With my blog growing as fast as it has been I can't wait to see how it will grow before next … [Read more...]

In The Beginning … - Aqua Side Table

Like a lot of couples, when Topher and I started out we were broke. We had 3 people living off a teacher's salary, living in a cheap apartment so drafty you had to hang blankets over the windows for a wind break, and the curtains would still sway on a breezy day. I planned on going back to work after I had our daughter only to realize almost my entire paycheck would be going to daycare, gas, and a business-acceptable wardrobe. I figured if I was going to be, basically, spinning my fiscal … [Read more...]

Say Cheese!


While putting up the Christmas decorations today (yay!), we somehow got on the topic of snow -- which took us back to the first time my hubby took our unnamed daughter sledding. She must have been around five or six, and she had her first loose tooth (it will soon become clear why I associate those two events).  And that front tooth was really, really loose -- at that nasty point where it was just hanging by a thread, but she refused to pull it. It just so happened, that day was the first … [Read more...]

Baxter’s Story


I have GREAT news! I have finally broken Topher down, and he has agreed to put up my Christmas tree this weekend! It took me longer than I thought it would -- I must be losing my touch. Sadly, this will be our first Christmas without Baxter. We got Baxter when my  unamed daughter was in the second grade. We rescued him from the Humane Society when they were at their old location. Topher and I went down there to get her a kitten for her birthday to help teach her responsibility. We walked … [Read more...]

On The Road Again - canechairbefore

My daughter received her learners permit, so anyone in the Andover/Wichita area should stay off the roads if at all possible. First of all, I can't believe she is old enough to have her permit. It makes me feel old. Actually, there are a lot of things anymore that make me feel old -- but back to the story. I started off having her drive down dirt roads.  She did alright except anytime another car would approach, she would pull to the side of the road and come to a complete stop. Every … [Read more...]

Faux Mercury Glass Pumpkin - mercury glass pumpkin

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was busy painting and watching movies, so not too bad. I love vintage mercury glass but I don't love the prices. I decided to make my own faux mercury glass using looking glass paint. I got the Krylon looking glass paint at Hobby Lobby. I looked at Lowe's and Michael's here in Wichita, but they didn't carry it. It was around $11 but I used the 40% off coupon from the Sunday paper so it wasn't so bad. … [Read more...]

Weird things

Topher, my-daughter-that-wishes-to-remain-anonymous, and I were sitting around the dinner table the other night discussing strange and unusual things about ourselves. Well, it turns out we're about as strange as Morticia, Gomez and Wednesday.  I'm pretty certain they may revolt if I share their quirks (I know my teenager would disown me), so I am bravely going to pass along a few of my own.  The shortened list is as follows: I almost never eat with spoons. I don't know what it is I just … [Read more...]