The Plague


I have been sick. Not just a little under the weather, but full out flu SICK. It has not been pretty around here. It’s been the high fever, chills, body aches that-make-you-want-to-die sick. My hubby would come home from work and find me still in the jammies I’ve had on for two days and have a shocked/pity look on his face and say “You look….not so good”.  Now my daughter does not put things quite so delicately.  After I go pick her up from school, which takes every bit of energy  I can … [Read more...]

A Junktastic Birthday


So ... I'm going to show you what I got for my birthday, but don't be alarmed OK? Don’t say “Shanna what the heck? Your family got you crap!” No need to pity me, I received just what I wanted. Sometimes what DIY'ers ask for might be a little scary to "normal" people. Let's start with number one: A vintage typewriter to decorate or stage my furniture pieces. When I take photos of the furniture I’m ready to sell, I like to “stage” it -- make it look like it might if you owned it, and it was in … [Read more...]

Fall Top 10


I was thinking about some of my favorite things right now and this is what I came up with. My new mirror that I got at a yard sale. My dear hubby and brother put this bad boy up for me. I owe them for that. My new pumpkins I got for beside my mirror. Now I know this one is weird, lol, but I got a vintage bichon at a shop on Saturday. It looks just like my LuLu! My husband thinks I'm crazy and my daughter thinks it's creepy but I don't care. What are the chances of finding something … [Read more...]

My Junk Hunk


Some people just come into this world being accident prone. No matter how careful they are they just can't help injuring themselves. Well my husband is one of those people. If there is a glass of water to be knocked over he's the one to do it. If there are stairs to fall down, he's your man. If there is a manhole without it's cover, down he goes (I swear that really happened!). There was one day when we stopped at 7-11 to get something. My daughter and I waited in the car while my husband … [Read more...]

List of things not to do today….

Photo Sep 22, 12 57 05 AM

When you have 4 pets, DO NOT walk into the hall in the morning with out looking. You could step in cat vomit (disgusting!) or worse. DO NOT forget that you have a dentist appointment. DO NOT drop a heavy sander on your toes. (Feels like it's broken, it's probably not, but it feels like it). DO NOT move a heavy dining table while trying to pull a rug out from underneath it by yourself, just because you were too excited about your new rug that came today and you couldn't be patient enough to … [Read more...]

Want to see what I’m working on?

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed these days. I'm working on five different projects right now and am about to start on two new big ones. I also have to help my daughter find her whole homecoming ensemble (hair, tan, shoes, jewels, etc). On occasions like this it would have been much easier to have a boy (well actually on lots of occasions it would have been easier to have a boy but that's for another day). I'm also taking care of my mom's dogs every day, as well as my neighbor's pooch. I don't … [Read more...]

Lulu’s Story (Green Antique Dresser)

Chalkpainted-Green-Antique- Dresser

If you read my earlier post about my first dog Gracie, you know that I am absolutely in love with my pup. She is such an amazing dog. The only problem we had was separation anxiety (on both our parts).  She was (is) super clingy to me. If we would leave you could hear her through the door crying. So at this point in our lives, we had one dog and two cats which my hubby thought was more than enough. I didn't. I knew Gracie needed a friend. I also knew this time I didn't want to go through a … [Read more...]

Look what I got!

I wasn't going to go to garage sales this morning. I told myself, "I'm was too exhausted".I checked the ads last night and there weren't many out there. Good, case closed.So when my daughter's alarm went off at six o'clock, why did I check the craigslist ads? Simply put, because garage sales are addictive. If you don't go, you lie in bed wondering what you missed, so you might as well get up anyway. Well I'm glad I did because I found some goodies. I was the first person at a sale, and I got all … [Read more...]

Gracie’s Story

I wasn't always a dog lover. Anyone who knows me now will find that hard to believe. Growing up, all we had was a cat.  Now I didn't dislike dogs, I just didn't like walking into someone's home and being jumped on, having my legs clawed up and getting showered in slobber. Plus there's the fact that I'm allergic to them. When I married my husband he wanted a dog. I told him no way. I had lots of excuses: my allergies, the jumping, not enough room, the slobber. So for years we just had … [Read more...]

Garage sale grief

Last Thursday through Saturday, I  had a garage sale.  It's a lot more fun going to them then it is having them. First of all, in Kansas you never know when to have a sale. Is it going to be freezing in in May?  Or will you roast in September? I, it turns out, roasted on Thursday, endured torrential rain on Friday, and then had a pretty day Saturday. I must say I'm pretty proud of myself for setting up and running the sale while my hubby was out of town. I did encounter some odd ducks … [Read more...]