Should have stayed in bed…

You know when you have one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? That was today for me. Before I was even out of bed I had a grouchy teenager yelling at me that I had washed the wrong shorts for her last night. Pretty sure she was lucky I washed any shorts for her.My husband's car was being worked on, so after having only two hours of sleep last night (insomnia) I had to take my daughter to school and him to work. I had a doctor's appointment so I had to kill and hour and 1/2. So of … [Read more...]

Little white dresser

My aunt called me about a dresser at an estate sale. I drove down to find this pretty little dresser that needed some work.I sanded and sanded and sanded! This paint did not want to come off. So I decided stripper was the answer.No it really wasn't. It just turned into a gooey mess.So, back to the sanding. This paint had obviously been on there for a realllly long time.After the many days of sanding were finally over I started to paint. I used a light blue chalk paint on it. I went over the … [Read more...]

Huge undertaking


This has been my most challenging project to date. I bought this dresser off craigslist. We drove a long way to see it (my husband was super excited about that), and it was a definite fixer upper. It was totally dated and smelled really bad. I thought it had some serious potential though. My husband did not. I think his exact words were "this is crap, nothing can be done with this, just walk away". He has no vision. So we piled it in the car along with the matching headboard, and we … [Read more...]

Ring around the table


I bought this coffee table at a yard sale for $12. Great deal! It had a neat shape and great carving. It was an ugly brown and had a circle around the top of it that was inlaid with some other type of wood. I painted the whole thing turquoise but the ring still showed through. I added a couple more coats of paint but it was still there, it just looked like a bad cover up job. So I paid my dear daughter to use a tiny paint brush and paint the ring brown. I then lightly sanded over it but it … [Read more...]

Bright Coral Bench


I bought a black bench at a yard sale the other day. It needed a little sprucing up. I coated it in black chalk paint followed by a coral. After some distressing and some wax it needed a cushion. I found some materialĀ  for $6 (a steal) and some padding and voila!   … [Read more...]

Mystery of the missing tabletop

Photo May 23, 6 04 04 PM

Today has been a busy day, I am working on a dresser that is taking me foooorrreeevvveer to do. I bought it from a man on craigslist for a great deal. Now I know why. It has been spray painted to death. It's so thick that it's like a rubber coating. I knew it was bad when I put the stripper on it and it just sat there. So I put more on and nothing. So I have had to peel the layers of spray paint off, which I did outside in 100+ heat for days. After getting that off I was so excited (sarcasm) to … [Read more...]

The beginning

Ok, I'm officially starting my own blog. I'm not sure when I'm going to have time to do it or who is going to be interested in reading it, but here goes.About six months ago, I started buying vintage furniture, redoing it, and then selling it on craigslist. I put the first piece on having no expectations of anyone really buying it. They did though, and lots more since then.I have sold every piece I have finished and am getting decent prices for it. People keep telling me I'm selling things too … [Read more...]